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Human rights are essential rights and freedom that related to every individual in the world throughout life they deploy in any process of the place would you from, what do you accept or how you choose to live your life they can never be taken away, but sometime they can be confined, the human right are based on values similar to dignity, respect, fairness, and independence and they are protected by law.I decided write a research about Human Right in Syria in order to explain that hard time with full of pain for Syrian citizens when they go through it they suffered under Syrian government and ISIS and they had faced many struggle for instance many of the dead, disappeared, displaced, and people became refuges, at that time Syrian armed conflict become larger increasingly with government and pro-government they attack civilian area and using weapons.The radical group of Islamic state also known as ISIS and, al Qaida associated in Syria (Jabhat al Nusra were responsible for systematic and extensive violation involving to civilians, abduction, and execution.I have prepare some questions that help us to know more about the Syrian after and before conflict, Human rights , and the violation they had faced.1. How was Syrian before conflict and after conflict?2. How Syrian governments provide citizens right?3. What about that area which was under Kurdish rule?Content:The Syrian Arab Republic has governed by (President Bashar Assad) since (2000) the constitution authorization superiority of Baath Party leaders in state institutions and society and Assad and Baath party leaders controlled all three category of government .The presidential election won by (Bashar al Assad) in (2014)  “and the geographically limited parliamentary elections in April won by the Baath Party took place in an environment of widespread government coercion”. The result did not illuminate unobstructed or unforced will the electorate. Bashar al Assad in made  a decision with , ministers, senior members of the ruling Baath Party,  and counsel from a small number of military and security advisors the government regularly violated the human rights of it is population in a different conflict the government provided control excessive military, state security forces, and police. Also include Islamic Revolutionary and Hezbollah. In 2011 the situation of Syria chanced the brutal civil war was happened between government force, rebel group, terrorist group, foreign fighter and the international powers are engaged, armed civil war between the government forces faithful and patriotic to president Bashar al Assad and the opposition with the prohibited the rule of law, armed of Islamic non-state group such as ISIS and al Nusra have control a part of Syria this conflict devastated international interests. First happen on international union that makes illegal allies of Bashar al Assad, the United States and Russia, Iran, Turkey, Kurds and others is focused on succeeding in Syria. Second foreign fighters are coming to country fighting also the free Syrian army, ISIS, al Nusra and opposition groups or the regime.Territorial control in Syria has modified in many instances for the reason that rebellion. the largest non-country actor ISIS has seized huge parts of Syria and Iraq, in which as many as 10 million people live below their manage. Three Al Raqqah is currently ISIS’s defector metropolis. ISIS have imposed authoritarian, strict Sharia governance that strips the people who stay under it of their fundamental human rights and violently discriminates against spiritual minorities that ISIS deems as ‘infidels’. To the North wherein Syria borders Turkey, Kurdish managed regions consisting of Hassakah and Kobani are now unbiased from the Syrian authorities. Consistent with a truce among the Syrian forces and the Kurdish defense force, «each aspect will maintain the territory beneath it does manage.  Syrian citizen against the regime because of displeasure with Authoritarianism and Assad family’s long reign of power in Syria since the 1970s also many of the Syrian population in Sunni  , but the Assad’s family was Shia , at the begging of the conflict they calm protest against the regime but Assad started violence and using army force  . Both side used children in a defense line they were under eighteen years old, it’s an illegal rule that they used,  On August 21, 2013 Assad crossed the red line because he used chemical weapons as the result more than 1,400 civilians were dead hundreds of tons of chemical weapons agents. These were weapons that it would use widely in its war against rebels.The significant and systematical violence perpetrated through the Syrian governance and non-state groups amount according to a sequence regarding crimes against humanity and human rights violations. Women within Syria are routinely attacked, imprisoned and face sexual attack into secret detention centers to obstacle their work then silence theirs voices. Militias such as like the Kurdish Militia also win human rights violations. The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) has documented violence, including sexual assault against girls at the hands about the government forces, competition forces, ISIS, Kurdish fighters and sordid armed struggle groups. All events about the hostilities are defective about violence against women including female human rights defenders.The Kurdish diaspora has been defined as the international’s biggest nation without a state’ and is spread over Syria, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq. Under Saddam Hussein, Kurds had been focused for genocide and critically oppressed. After the United States of America occupation, they have been given a self-sufficient area of northern Iraq in which their state of affairs is currently stable. In Turkey, there is minor Kurdish political involvement however after a long time of repression many Kurdish political agencies are still banned. Iran sees similar repression following the rebellion in 2011 numerous Kurdish militias prepared themselves into opposition forces however with the markedly awesome goal of Kurdish self-determination they now manage parts of the north and northeast of Turkey, exclusive of other opposition forces. The goal of those militias is completely to establish Kurdish independence, no longer have interaction in the broader uprising that the rest of the rebels are concerned in bearing this in thoughts, the attention needs to be on using the Kurdish forces as an ability ally the skills of Kurdish peshamargas should be used to defeat the opposition in the northwest in return for compromises on Kurdish statehood, preferably resulting in Kurdish autonomy inside Syria. In 2015, the human rights situation within Syria persevered to collapse as much conflict intensified. The Assad regime continued in accordance with commit human rights violations of a full-size scale, consistently violated international humanitarian law (IHL), and failed in conformity with consent with numerous UN Security Council (UNSC) resolutions. Regime military continued to arbitrarily arrest, disappear, then trouble detainees, many on to those bear died between detentions. The Assad regime and its allies (including Russia) carried out indiscriminate attacks up to expectation immediately targeted civilians, such as bombardment regarding civilian residential areas, schools, market areas or medical facilities, with barrel bombs, artillery, airy attacks and mortars, resulting of mass civilian casualties. Lengthy sieges, mainly by means of regime forces, led in imitation of severe malnutrition and too starvation. The UK believes so both the Assad regime and Daesh have used chemical weapons in Syria. Dash has been responsible for systematic or widespread violations about IHL, including focused on civilians. IHL violations have been also carried out with the aid of al-Qaeda’s affiliate of Syria, Jabhat al Nusra, and then some other extremist groups. This violence and instability continued according to force humans from their homes or increased the numbers of internally displaced people and those fleeing the country as refugees. The terrible human rights situation of Syria will only be addressed through a political settlement that ends the conflict. Through its function within the UNSC yet the International Syria Support Group, the UK is helping a peace process which goals to stop the violence and gain political transition away beyond Assad, The UK led the arrival of three resolutions on the human rights situation in Syria at the UN Human Rights Council during 2015 and co-sponsored the UN General Assembly Third Committee Resolution on the human rights situation in Syria, which was also successfully adopted. We support the UN Commission of Inquiry’s investigations into human rights violations and abuses of Syria. Conclusion:The UN and international human rights corporations have stated in their reviews that human rights violations and crimes, which have been systematically and normally dedicated in Syria as a state coverage in opposition to civilians since the very starting of the struggle, fall below the class of crimes against humanity those crimes encompass murder, torture, arbitrary detention and arrest and merciless attitudes to damage, people’s emotional and physical health. Initially the intelligence safety forces and Shabbiha military are answerable for the crimes use of excessive force arbitrary detention and arrest and torture towards anti-government protesters has emerged as systematic. 

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