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Human development is the evolution or
progress of the people’s well-being through time. The development of a human
depends on how and what the circumstances he/she is involved in. Human evolves in
a different way during colonialism, neo-colonialism, and capitalism period, as
these periods have different impact on people.

colonialism period, the colonizers take full control over the less powerful
country. They have direct control over their colonized country. As a result,
local people that time especially the indigenous ones acted passive as they
were ruled by more powerful foreign countries. They are being forced to obey
their regulations. Since the local people of the colonized country is under the
control of more developed countries, their rights and privileged are neglected.
Also, they involuntarily adopt the colonizers’ culture and beliefs which
affected their way of living. Therefore, throughout the colonialism period the
people are being influenced and dependent to the colonizers as they were being

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during neo-colonialism period, the local people of a colonized country were
given minimal independence. These local people were given a chance to rule over
their country and make use of their resources. However, since the colonies
don’t have enough money and resources to improve and develop their country’s
resources, thus they still grasp to the colonizers’ economy. In that case, the
developed country still merely rules the colonized country through the local
political rulers. Conversely, colonialism and neo-colonialism is much alike,
the only difference is through direct and indirect means of controlling or ruling
respectively. In addition, in this period, not just the culture and beliefs of
human are being manipulated, but as well as the economic and political condition.
During this period, people are somewhat self-governing and still dependent.

the other hand, capitalism is prominent today. Capitalism permits the control
of a country’s economic trade and industry by private owners. According to
Javian (2017), capitalism allows one country to enterprise its own wonders and
natural resources to the world, which means it can support its economic needs
by joining into the world market. Since capitalism is about joining into the
world market, it makes one’s country and its people known globally. It somewhat
helps the economic and political system of a country through exportation and
importation. Given that capitalism is about private ownership, the owners earn
profit through their workers labor. In this period, humans are divided into two
– capitalist and worker. Capitalist people get richer as production increases
whilst worker people own nothing but their labor for wages.

time the human development is fairly constructive. People started as a puppet
of the colonizers and developed to be self-governing eventually. Although, until today the colonizers still
have an effect to their colonized countries, which they are still in shadows of
their influencers. Such as their culture, beliefs, economic and political system
are still observed under the track of the developed countries who took control of
their territory back then. 

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