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Rock Street, San Francisco buy ORBIS ORBIS singapore Powder Wash Scalp ism ShampooORBIS: For your holistic beautyThe increase in dust, dirt and pollution in the environment has made it extremely vital to take care of your skin. Your skin performs a number of functions including protection and temperature regulation. If not taken care of properly, your skin can become dry and develop cracks which in turn makes way for germs and dirt to enter your body and cause infections. Therefore people are now devoting more time to skincare and making sure their skin is clean and healthy all the time. With endless brands offering face washes, cleansers, creams and moisturizers available in the market, it has become extremely difficult to choose one that is not only effective but suitable for the skin as well. ORBIS, a well-known brand of skin and hair care products originating from Japan, is now advocating the Singaporean market on inner and outer beauty with its health and beauty concepts that are specially formulated to give effective and immediate results. One of the most popular products in this range is the Powder Wash. This is a superior quality cleanser that is oil-free, fragrance-free, and alcohol-free and does not contain any artificial colors as well. It has been formulated and tested to reduce the risk of allergies as well. This product has been specifically formulated to break down keratin plugs and give you a flawless and radiant looking skin. It contains special enzymes like protease and lipase that tackle the old keratin and sebum components of keratin plugs. The cleanser dissolves and lathers quickly, creating a firm and creamy foam that effectively captures the grime broken down by the enzymes. Infused with collagen, hyaluronic acid and royal jelly extracts, it moisturizes your skin and increases firmness. This is a very gentle cleanser that washes gently without causing any irritation and fits easily in your budget as well.Get lustrous hair with ORBISBeautiful and shiny hair can play an extremely important role in creating a good impression on others. Taking good care of your hair is essential to achieve healthy hair and avoid damage that can lead to hair loss. This is why it is necessary to moisturize your hair and keep it clean always. The brand’s extremely effective Scalp ism Shampoo helps your hair look healthy and gorgeous all the time. It is an oil-free and fragrance-free shampoo that does not contain any artificial colours and has been specially formulated and tested to reduce the risk of allergies. This mildly acidic shampoo contains extracts of clove, lemon balm and marjoram that creates voluminous foam, effectively capturing and removing excess sebum. It also prevents itching and dandruff and minimizes perspiration, which helps get nourished and moisturized hair. All these products can be easily purchased from Lazada, Singapore’s most preferred online shopping destination, which also provides free nationwide shipping and 14 days free returns guarantee.Why Choose ORBIS?• A popular hair and skin care brand across the globe.• The products are extremely effective and show immediate results.• Every product is 100% authentic and safe for use.• All the products are extremely reliable and economical.

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