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HR Research at Atlas HondaIntroduction:                   For purpose of research at Atlas Honda Limited, I have selected the topic of “Employee Development”.  The slogan of AHL is “organizational development through people development” because of which I thought to select this topic to analyse that up to what extent AHL is fulfilling its saying and either this development is adding to the organizational development or not.                  The data for analysing the commitment raising activities is collected by getting the questionnaire filled by the employees of 13th and 12th grade in the organization who use to receive the basic trainings monthly by the organization. After data collection it was entered in the excel software for getting accurate and specific results.Area of problem:                For success of every organization employee development is necessary because these are the employees who are mainly running the operations of the company. Here term “employee development” means the improvement in the knowledge, skills and abilities of employees through training and other career advancement opportunities not for the current job but also to fulfil the future requirement.              Employees who developed by the steps taken by the organization have an emotional attachment also along with professional responsibility towards the improvement and development of the organization. Besides the commitment of the employees there are also many other factors that may affect the performance of the organization i.e. customer loyalty, brand perception, fast innovative activities, latest technology etc.                In actual employee development is a win-to-win situation in which both employee and organization gets the benefit from investment made by company and effort exerted by the employee in learning new skills and methods.Research objectives:             Objective of this research is to find those factors that are currently and highly affecting the development of Atlas Honda Limited. It is aimed at testifying my hypothesis that the development of the employees in this organization is major input to the development of AHL that is based on my daily experience during my internship.Literature Review:                 ‘Research supports the commonly held belief that employee development programs make positive contributions to organizational performance. However, there continues to be limited information beyond this basic relationship. From an HRD perspective, research on employee development seems an area of high importance. Employee development means more than helping employees become continuous learners, regardless of the requirements of the organization. To be beneficial for both individual employees and organizations, research on employee development should seek greater understanding about the wide range of conditions within which employee development programs exist in organizations’ (Ronald Jacobsa & Christopher 2010)                      Research by Harvard (2009) argued that ‘Managing employee growth is critical to your organization’s success. But to develop your employees effectively, you must have certain skills, such as the ability to seek out opportunities, set goals, and provide feedback.                      ‘It has been estimated that 70 percent of employee development takes place through informal learning, rather than through formal learning events. Employee Development on a small budget offers insights and lessons for leveraging non-training activities for on-the-job employee development. This hands-on resource delivers specific implementation techniques for developing motivated, engaged employees in today’s “do more with less” business environment. Employee Development in small budget provides general employee development best practices as well as in-depth descriptions of the how-to specifics of 11 different employee development methods, including: Step-by-step guidance for initial goal-setting and preparation for effective development planning for every employee and development method.Templates, worksheets, checklists, and guidelines to make your employee development efforts effective and sustainable.A modular, customized approach to developing employees by tailoring the development method to each employee’s unique needs and each organization’s budget and constraints.Ways to capitalize on development ideas that are easy to implement immediately and cheaply such as self-directed learning, volunteering, sabbaticals and mentoring.The hidden value of job rotation, stretch assignments, and special teams for addressing your employees’ development needs while enhancing organizational results.The benefits of peer teaching and how to turn development into fun games and contests.Tools and techniques for developing employees by letting them turn stories from the frontlines into digital content for everyone’s benefit and why developing “innovation zones” within your organization may bring huge learning and development rewards.An examination of social learning and the use of multiple collaborative online tools for real time, on-the-job employee development. By following these easy but effective techniques you can increase the development of your employees and at the same time can reduce the cost of development.’ (ASTD press, 2012)  Data type:           The data which is collected in my research comes in the category of qualitative data that is collected by the use of questionnaire. Data is in specific form that is collected by making the employees to select a specific option from the given options and open ended data was also collected during the discussion with the employees while they were filling the questionnaire. It helped a lot in final findings of the research at AHL. Hypothesis:              H1: AHL is focusing on the development of the employees which is adding to the development of the organization.            Ho:   The development of AHL is due to factors other than the development of the employees i.e. brand perception, customer loyalty and better strategic decisions in the organization. Dependent variable:            In this research organizational development is dependent variable. Organizational development refers to the increase in the profitability of the organization, increase in market share and improvement in the financial strength of the organization. Independent Variable:                  In this research employee development is independent variable. Employee development refers to the increase in the knowledge, capability, ability and competency of the employee. Conceptual Framework:       This research is aimed at analysis of the employee development activities at Atlas Honda Limited. It will check that at Atlas Honda up to what extent the career of employees is improved by investment made by AHL in this regard and either it is adding to the development of the AHL or not.Research Methodology:                 I have selected questionnaire as research methodology as it is an inexpensive way for collecting information from a large number of employees easily without the wastage of time. The sample size in my research is 20.Questionnaire:Thank you for your participation in my “Employee Development” survey. Your feedback is important for my research and your response will be held with strictest confidence.Name (optional):     Designation:  Please tick the appropriate option; it would take only 5 minutes.The goals of organization are shared with me continuously and clearly.Strongly DisagreeSomewhat disagree        NeutralSomewhat AgreeStrongly AgreeI receive training related to my work.Strongly DisagreeSomewhat disagree        NeutralSomewhat AgreeStrongly AgreeI know what the key skills are that Atlas Honda needs from me.Strongly DisagreeSomewhat disagree        NeutralSomewhat AgreeStrongly AgreeI am encouraged to take initiative in determining my own career development. Strongly DisagreeSomewhat disagree        NeutralSomewhat AgreeStrongly AgreeThere are opportunities for me to cross- train and learn skills. Strongly DisagreeSomewhat disagree        NeutralSomewhat AgreeStrongly AgreeManagement supports for my efforts to improve my weaknesses. Strongly DisagreeSomewhat disagree        NeutralSomewhat AgreeStrongly AgreeOpportunities are available to me to work with a mentor. Strongly DisagreeSomewhat disagree        NeutralSomewhat AgreeStrongly AgreeI have ability to solve work related problems independently. Strongly DisagreeSomewhat disagree        NeutralSomewhat AgreeStrongly AgreeCompany involves me in decision making related to my job.Strongly DisagreeSomewhat disagree        NeutralSomewhat AgreeStrongly AgreeI have a clear path for my career advancement.Strongly DisagreeSomewhat disagree        NeutralSomewhat AgreeStrongly AgreeI find it easy to apply training on my job, which I have received.   Strongly DisagreeSomewhat disagree        NeutralSomewhat AgreeStrongly AgreeAnalysis:    By getting the questionnaire filled from my audience which was assistant managers and above, I got following results. Here sample size is 20 and the coding of responses is as follows:ResponseCodingStrongly disagree1Somewhat disagree2Disagree 3Somewhat agree4Strongly agree 5Responses along with the criteria measured by each question:                 From the pie charts and recorded responses it is clear that more than 50% of employees feel that the goals of organization are shared with them clearly on regular basis also they perceive that training is somewhat related to their jobs due to which they have key skills needed by organization for that time and also those skills which are required by Atlas Honda in future.  They also have mentor assistance and they also got opportunities to cross train their colleagues. Management gives them opportunity to identify their weaknesses on basis of which their training is designed which helps them to overcome their weaknesses related to their work. All of these factors are increasing the development of organization gradually which can be analyzed by checking the financial records of the organization in which AHL is making an increased profit every year.           Many of employees feel difficulty in applying their training directly on their jobs as training is not directly related to their jobs. Only average of employees feels that career advancement opportunities are available to them. Conclusion of the survey:                  From above results it is clear that Atlas Honda is highly focusing in the development of its employees. Employees are able to solve the problems independently and they are less dependent on their mentors which are adding to the development of the organization. Atlas Honda keeps on rotating its employees on different jobs in same and different departments which gives them rich exposure, knowledge and experience which leads to the development of employees without any extra burden of cost on the budget of Alas Honda. It means we can say that it is a perfect win-win situation which is giving benefit to both Atlas Honda and employees in this organization. By analysing the financial performance of AHL it is clear that AHL is making higher and higher profits each year and on the other hand AHL is continuously improving the development activities for the employees.        Along with getting the questionnaire filled I also had some conversation with the employees of Atlas Honda, form which I come to know that to some extent employees are not satisfied with the current method of training being used by AHL. Current training method is reading material which is not highly effective they should also consider using modern techniques i.e. case study, simulation (especially for technical training), team playing, adventure learning etc. In my view investment in these modern methods will provide a long term increase in the profits of the organization.

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