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Howe 1Ethan HoweMr. Lancaster World History 15 January 2018The Cultural Conflict Model      What is the cultural conflict model? The cultural conflict model is a way to show the possible out comes for what will happen when two or more civilizations come in contact. There are four things that can happen. The civilization is destroyed, assimilated, runs away, or becomes a pocket culture. This can happen in many ways. Also for many reasons.     The first thing that can happen is that a civilization can be destroyed. A good example of this is Troy, it was destroyed by Greeks (National Geographic Society). This destruction was caused because of a problem between the two. This can also happen for conquest of land and expansion which is usually the case. However there are many reasons besides these for why destruction happens.     Another thing that can happen is that a civilization can be assimilated. This basically means that the stronger of the civilizations will take over the weakest civilization. Also some of the weaker civilizations ideas and beliefs may be adopted. An example of this is when Syria was in war a lot of refugees ran to areas like Germany and France. The next thing that can happen to a civilization is that it can run away. This would usually be the first thing a small civilization would do in order not create conflict. Where as a bigger civilization would try to fight. An example of a civilization running away is in World War Two. Howe 2Germany was on its conquest to take over the world, but when Russia started to fight back they knew that they had to run for their best bet for survival.     The final thing a civilization can do is to become a pocket culture. A pocket culture is a small community inside a civilization that has different values and beliefs than what considered mainstream to the bigger part of civilization. Usually the mainstream public does not  accept what a pocket culture believes. A good example of this is the Roma. The Roma are gypsies who originated from Romania and are a small nomadic culture the spans mostly around Europe (LiveScience).     The importance of the Cultural Conflict Model in the study in history tells people what the possible outcomes of two civilizations gaining contact can be. This is also important because it can keep someone from making a decision without knowing all possible outcomes. Another reason this is import in the study of history is because if this is taught it could prevent history from repeating itself as it has before. While this is directed at two civilizations, this also show the same outcomes when talking about two individual people and this is an important life lesson to learn because of that aspect alone.     

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