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How would you feel if I were to tell you that
our government never tells us the truth? Would you be baffled or unfazed? This
argument has been discussed and bickered for decades with no end in sight. But
yet the question is, does the government tell us the truth? The answer is
simple, the government does not tell us the truth. Why you the reader may ask?
Because throughout history, our government has always been exposed of hiding
secrets from its people. Even when they admit to lying to the public, they
still continue to do so to this day. There are some such lies from the past
which connect to the things of the present. Such as old wars to the ones which
have just happened. The worst of all is its dishonesty and cruelty that the
government did to people back then and was kept a secret until later. 

            I’m sure some are wondering how the
government has had a history of lying to its people back then. Well an example
such as the drug war controversy where it was claimed that politician were
being bribed by Colombian cartels to bring in drugs into the United States. It
was first said to be false and fake news which then led people to dig for
answers. Which resulted in actual proof that some politician that have power
were accepting money from Cartels in exchange for police to look the other way.
Do you still believe now that the government is pure hearted? More things
showing that the government is lying to its people such as tax dollars not used
efficiently and the government claimed it false while it was indeed used that

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            While war is rather dark and indeed has
its greatest twists of deception and deceit. What can be worse when the
government lies to its people about the real purpose of the war fought? During
the cold war, we were told that Russia is trying to nuke America from space and
trying to take over the world. But really, what was happening was that our
government didn’t like to be humiliated and labeled as second place.
Such as the Vietnam War, where countless lives were taken at what cost? The
government tried to say that we accomplished something when actually, we didn’t
accomplish anything at all. Which later leads to the war of the Middle East
where more lives are wasted for something not worth much? The government says
we are trying to correct ways of the people yet the things they were after are
oil reserves in the ground. Is it feasible that we don’t believe the government
doesn’t tell us the truth? Even with all these things that happened, it seems
it never ends.

            At this point in the argument, we finally
see how the government lies to us even when it harmed its own citizens. How is
this possible you ask? Back then during the 1930s, a rather gruesome experiment
unfolded with the involvement of the government. The Tuskegee Experiment was
one of the racial lie of the government at the time. African Americans who
barely had a lot of say had to participate in getting syphilis and seeing how
it harmed the body. This left generations traumatized and the government lied
to the people to keep it under. When it was exposed, it was shown to be one of
the worst things to happen to African American victims. The government tried to
make everything better by paying the victim’s family with money when the
experiment left permanent marks on the victims for generations. 

            In the end, we stand here asking if our
government still does not tell us the truth on serious matters. Yet the answers
are always hidden from sight. Even with its history of bribery and corruption,
we find more. Through war from the past to the present is exposed while our
government lied to cover it up. Even worse if our government which we are
supposed trust lied to hurting its people. What else is their say? It’s that our
government does not always tell us the truth. No matter from war to politics,
there is always something hiding the people. It’s just a saying to say that
every government lies but it changes when the government does something worse
and tries to cover it up.

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