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How to Attract Someone with your MindWhen you start thinking about someone for a very long time, you started getting attached to that person. All the big companies know this and that’s why they keep bombarding you Ads. how to attract someone? We will use the marketing strategy to get someone like you. But what if somebody is not interested in you? It’s very plain and simple. If you, let someone think about you more often, then you are a few step away from getting that person fall in love with you. Love is nothing more than the state of being obsessed with something or thinking about it. Let me give you an example. You love your hair. You always brush it and watch yourself in a mirror to make sure it looks good. What is that mean? This is an obsession. You think about your hairs too much. If you want to attract someone who is not interested in you, then you just have to let that person think about you every day. “Grabbing people’s attention is an art. Everyone should know this skill.” – Danial Pervaiz 1. Attracting someone VS Attracting AttentionThere is a difference between attracting someone permanently and attracting somebody attention. You can do anything extraordinary or stupid for a short period of time to get people’s attention. they will forget you once they go home. If you attract someone in such a way that even after you’re gone, You’re still in that person’s mind. You can attract somebody with your inner qualities that they are looking for. Just think about your best friends. Why would someone become your best friend? Cause you and your friend have so many things in common. You like to play video games or may b you love hiking. You both stay together most of the time because you have same interests. If you are trying to attract someone with the same interests, then you won’t have any problem.  2. Figuring out what the person thinksSomeone woman is attracted to ambitious men. Cause they think that those men will become something in life. Some men are attracted to hot and sexy women, some look for inner beauty. before trying to impress anyone, Find out the things that would impress them?What are their interests?Are they attracted to success or fame?Do they like kindness?Questions like these will help you to read that person’s nature and mind. A lot of people try “One Size Fits All” Thing. That works most of the time. But if somebody doesn’t like you or give you enough attention, then this strategy won’t work.  3. Converting Attraction into ObsessionNow In this step, you must be available almost every day in front of this person. Try to talk to them. Show them that you’re interested in a good way. make them laugh and comfortable with you. A little interaction with the person every day can get you so far on the road to success. Try to show them your inner qualities and the kind of person you are. A lot of people try to show their skills or qualities that they are not capable of. Once the person gets attached to you, Start sending mixed signals. Talk to them one day and ignore them the other day. The person will get curious that what’s going on? they will start assuming that may b you don’t like them anymore. That means that you started to occupy their thoughts. keep doing this and they will find it extremely hard to live without you.

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