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How to survive long flights


These days, thanks to
advancement in air travels, we can take a direct flight to most destinations.
But, this does have a draw – that’s is – it takes a long time to get there –
and sitting in aircraft for long periods of time can be exhausting. Therefore,
the following set of tips will help you prepare better for a long-haul flight.

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Get a considerable amount of


One of the simple ways to
improve your travel experience is to make sure that you are well rested before
your long flight. Even better, you can adjust your hand watch to the local time
of your destination. This will help your body get adjusted.


Upgrade your seat:


Most of us can’t afford
business class, but a lot of airlines offer premium economy which you can
upgrade to using cash of your frequent flyer miles. Also, it doesn’t hurt to
ask at the checkout to see if there are any additional seats in the emergency


Once you are on board, get


Take out anything you need out
of your backpack, this could be a book, water bottle, headphones, whatever you
need to get you comfortable. Then, you can go ahead and store your bag in the
overhead compartment. Don’t make the mistake of storing your bag right under
your feet, you will certainly need the extra leg room. To get extra comfy, take
off your shoes, because cabin pressure can affect your blood circulation, so,
taking off your shoes really helps you relax.


Dress right:


Airplanes get cold, and a lot
of them don’t even give you a blanket. So, you need to dress warm and wear
layers. Jackets, scarf and wool socks are a great call, but leave your skinny
jeans at home, unless you are looking forward to a ten-hour wedgie.


Pack good gear:


If you are planning to sleep
on your long-haul flight, packing eye shades, pillow and ear plugs are crucial
for a long-haul flight. After all, a flight from Melbourne Australia to
Atlanta, Georgia can be over 20 hours, having the right gear can make all the
difference in how you are going to endure this long flight. What’s more, make
sure to pack your e-book, tablet, smartphone and other gadgets and make sure
they are fully charged. Also, YouTube allows you to download offline videos, so
make sure to download all your favorite YouTube shows to watch on the aircraft.
Also, it is recommended to buy a power bank, because you’ll need all the juice
you can get on your long-haul flight.


Make sure to book your ride
well in advance:


Once you land in Atlanta, you
need to make sure that you can travel in comfort and style to your hotel room,
this is especially true if you are an executive travelling to Atlanta on
official company business. Make sure to book your Executive limo in Atlanta and communicate all your
flight details with the limo company. That way, when you aircraft lands, your
limo driver will be there, waiting for you at the airport.


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