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How can a fast radio burst be unique
apart from the fact that it is repetitive? Ashley Strickland, author of this
article published in CNN, talks about the different hypothesis and possible
physical origins of these persisting fast radio burst that last only one
millisecond.  Fast radio bursts are
nothing but common, therefore, FRB 121102 is the only known repeating radio
burst that was first detected in 2012. Astronomers and scientists couldn’t find
an explanation for the source of these fast radio burst. With newest detections
(more details were published in the journal Nature) it has been said that it
comes from a star-forming dwarf galaxy three billion light years away from the
Earth.  Furthermore, the amounts of
energy emitted from our Sun every day is a million times less than the enormous
amount of energy that the radio bursts emit each millisecond.  The latest detections also discovered that the
radio bursts are polarized – come from a environment with a great magnetic
field – and are at higher frequencies than ever. When the radio waves pass
though the magnetic field, they are twisted in a way called Faraday rotation;
the stronger the magnetic field the greater the twists. Under those
circumstances, astronomers were able to give two possible answers explaining
the high magnetic field: a massive black hole in the galaxy or a powerful

Jason Hessels, study author and
associate professor at the University of Amsterdam and ASTRON, described the
possibilities.  A massive black hole in
the explains the repetitive radio bursts and the environment of the radio
source. The only problem is that such a massive black hole exists in a dwarf
galaxy.   The powerful nebula, cloud of dust
and gas, explains the persistent radio source indicating that astronomers believe
that the bursts are “young”, therefore, how can a nebula be a million
time more bright than the Crab galaxy that it is in our own galaxy.

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The properties of the burst are
being monitored using new radio telescopes. The observations will tell if the
burst change over time or is one of the hypothesis is correct.  

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