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How can you build brand awareness? Onceyour brand is established, your goal is to be seen on your customer’s radar. Whether you’re a startup, multi-national bigbusiness, SME or sole trader you should have brand guidelines.

Start as youmean to go on, excellent and consistent branding will give you a greatfoundation to build your new business. Setting out some basic principles of howyou would like your business’s image to be seen by others. Showing yourcustomers and your staff how you work and the quality of your product orservice.  Your brand guidelinesshould include:  ·       An overview of yourbrand’s history, vision, personality and key values·       Brand message orbusiness mission statement ·       Logo usage – where andhow to use your logo including sizes and spacing ·       Colour palette – showingyour colour palettes for print and for web·       Fonts – showing thespecific font(s) that you use and how they are to be used, including the weightand versions·       Image & photography– examples of image style and photographs that best represent your brand·       Design examples –examples of how the logo, font and colours are typically used for all documents.

A letterhead and business card is a good example as it uses colours, logos,fonts and spacing If you are a startupbusiness or rebranding, how can you achieve all of this?  You can go to a creative agency for advice or keepthe cost down by using an online platform. Xara Online combines substantial software development experience with startupvibes. It’s an ideal tool for consistent branding.

Xara have developed a simplenew business web app for creating all of your company content. An appealingtemplate based approach with a multitude of stunning visual content. Find out more…**Insert link  The key component ofbrand awareness is consistency… Assuring every piece of communication to customersor staff is clear and unified.

Clever and consistent branding can give you acompetitive edge, increase customer recognition and loyalty. You and yourbusiness are there to innovate, show your expertise and stand out in yourindustry crowd. If you do this well, your customers will know you,like you and trust you.  So, when it comes tobrand awareness and brand building, what should you consider? Firstly… howaware of your brand are you? Every business should have a marketing planand strategy. They should be aware of their presence in the market place on oroffline. What are people saying about your brand? If it’ssomething good – find out why and keep doing it. If it’s something bad – findout why, you can learn a lot from an unhappy customer.

 Further considerationsare: 1.      Think like a customer –how easy is it for a customer to find you?2.      Show your expertise andknowledge – what can you offer a customer? 3.      Give value and a uniqueselling point – why should they use you?4.      Listen to your customers– are you proactive and responsive?5.      Where are your competitors?Find out, go there and be seen.6.      Build your onlinepresence, use social media platforms – word of mouth is powerful!7.

      Set goals – useanalytics to find out what is working for your brand.8.      Your employees representyour brand – educate them and encourage them.9.     Your website is your24/7 sales representative. The content on yourwebsite should be informative, valuable and should answer your customer’squestions. Humanize your brand byoffering news or blog articles on your website, share quality and engagingcontent and it should include images and videos.

10.  Search engines lovefresh content! Stay active online and help people find you. Remember… whenconsidering brand awareness, it’s important to promote and protect your brand. We have only touched the surface when it comes tobranding. We will return to this topic and discuss in more detail the manyconsiderations when it comes to your brand and your business.

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