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How To Make Easy Car Inspection Appointment With AXEFree

People rely on cars every day to get their kids to soccer practice and themselves around town. Investing the time and money into a car inspection is a proactive step in reducing your chances of getting stuck in the office parking lot. Car issue is not necessarily something happening out of the blue, but often times many car issues build up over time. This means they can be caught and fixed before they cause big trouble.  But these little fixable problems aren’t always easily detectable. A vehicle inspection AXEFree auto experts can help catch them long before they result in attention-grabbing sounds or a lapse in function in prices you can easily afford.

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Be Accident-Free, AXEFree is committed to the health of your car, and that health begins with expert car inspections. Our goal is to help you keep your car in tip-top shape. When you take care of your vehicle, it runs better and lasts longer – AXEFree auto inspectors help you watch out for anything that needs to be fixed.


Make an Appointment ASAP!

Say you notice your vehicle won’t start on the first try, furthermore it spews unusual noises and tops it all of it has more than one warning lights illuminated. Make your inspection appointment with AXEFree today and get your vehicle thoroughly serviced right the first time you visit – It’s a PROMISE! Scorching heat or quivering winters, do not wait up in never-ending queues for your turn in out of dated auto mechanics shop, we in AXEFree covered you all. What you have to do it just simply pick up your smartphones and download the latest version of our AXEFree mobile app to resolve car issues before something goes seriously wrong on the road. Knowing your vehicle is running smoothly offers peace of mind that you and your passengers will be safe and that your daily routine won’t be interrupted by car trouble.

Route Of Precaution

Prefer Precaution over negligence, Car inspections are considered preventative maintenance, and we recommend having them twice annually. But it’s also important to have an inspection prior to heading out on a road trip, after an accident (no matter how minor), and before purchasing a used car. Right after signing up,  deliver AXEFree your registered vehicle details to process, From Audi to SUV’s, our inspectors lavish on their expertise on any vehicle registered in 50 states of the U.S.


At your Convenience

No more bickering with the mechanic overpayment and God forbid that unflinching sheer panic when kids tumbled out of the car and flail around in shop that seems like a world out of the Dystopian apocalypse. Make an appointment at home as per your convenience with AxeFree. Select the nearby shop, to make your experience comfortable and affordable, – none can negate the panic-stricken faces upon coming to the realization of HIGH GAS PRICES! in the wake of new governmental laws, HA! – AXEFree has collaborated with the dozens of auto mechanic shops all over the U.S.A. Furthermore, have them trained to the best of their skills.


Inspection is Precaution

We Inspect:

1.   Inspect Operation Of Air Conditioning And Heating System

2.   Inspect Brake Pads And Shoes For Wear

3.   Inspect Brake Hydraulic System

4.   Test Emergency Brake Adjustment

5.   Inspect C.V. Boots On Front Wheel Drive Cars

6.   Check Shock Absorbers/Struts

7.   Inspect Condition Of Exhaust System

8.   Visually Inspect Undercarriage/Check For Signs Of Damage

9.   Inspect Tires For Proper Inflation, Tread Depth, And Wear

10.                Visually Inspect Gas Tank For Leaks

11.                Visually Inspect Oil Pan For Leaks

12.                Check The Battery

13.                Inspect Condition Of Radiator Hoses

14.                Inspect Condition Of Heater Hoses

15.                Inspect For Coolant Leaks, Radiator, Surge Tank, And Water Pump

16.                Test Operation Of Turn Signals, Brake Lights, Headlights, And Tail Lights

17.                Check Brake Pedal For Proper Travel

18.                Check Engine Oil And Filter

19.                Inspect Wiper Inserts

20.                Check Air Filter

21.                Inspect PCV Valve

22.                Check Transmission Fluid Level And Condition

23.                Inspect Belts For Cracking, Fraying, And Wear

24.                Check Engine Coolant Level And Condition

After selecting the nearby auto mechanic shop, AXEFree wants to learn the state of your vehicle, instincts whisper of probable occurrences of the mechanical issue? Go for Mechanic Inspection, or are you just plain weary of having next episode of a similar incident with your brakes? Accident Inspection got it. Or, have a peace of mind with a comprehensive vehicle inspection with our COMBO(Accidents + Mechanic) inspection.  After all, the weather is not really a companion this time of year. Not even sure what you need? Make an appointment regardless and get the full-on inspection, to ensure safety in the snow-covered roads of the neighborhood.


Ignoring a minor warning can sometimes lead to an expensive ordeal, mark today’s date and the vehicle brand to acquire the experts help accordingly. We ensure you heartily our Preventative Maintenance will be completed in time to keep you safe and sound and your vehicle running for millions of miles.  

To Wrap it UP!

Before sealing the deal, get your used car inspected to identify any underlying issues. Often test drives can also leave issues unnoticed, it is a known practice, and trust us the last thing anybody want is to invest in a vehicle that becomes a money pit.

AXEFree guarantees thorough inspection of the car by giving out details of every single component condition along with overall car body status. Nobody has to wait longer than necessary, once the registration formalities are complete, the representative will coordinate with you. You will be kept up-to-date until the car is good to go back on road.

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