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How free should students be? Us Americans think that we can post whatever whenever we want if its legal. Today everyone is using technology and it is bigger than ever so cyberbullying is getting out of hand in these three documents (doc A) (doc C) and (doc G) there is evidence that schools should limit students’ online speech.Students that say cyberbullying is not a problem but I think that it is. According to (doc A) “about 7.5% of students reported being cyberbullied in the past 30 days.” Document A also states More evidence regarding limiting student’s online speech,” 1 out of 4 of teen girls has been a victim of cyberbullying; 1 out of 6 boys has been a victim of cyberbullying.” This problem is something that can’t be ignored. This does affect self-esteem and the academic performance of students. This has to be stopped.Furthermore, some people may say cyberbullying is a form of free speech. Most of us agree that it is not good like as evidence on document C states ” The court clearly believes that schools should limit students’ online speech when that speech affects other students or creates a harmful school environment. This document says that cyberbullying is okay unless it affects how students behave or how teachers teach their students.Additionally, document G also supports limiting student’s online speech by stating ” The document shows that the Department of Education is strongly opposed to cyberbullying and believes the school has the responsibility to limit students’ online speech in this case. The school has a special responsibility to do so when a target’s civil rights are being violated. This document is saying that students can post whatever they want but schools can take it into their own hands.Inconclusion, even though the first amendment protects students. Cyberbullying is a problem that affects students’ academics in school and also affects their self-esteem. It also affects the teachers and staffs’ ability to teach the students, it sometimes even a violation of civil rights. For all of these reasons, this is why our schools should have a policy that limits students online

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