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How is Jar Jar binks a bad character and why he is hated so much?IntroFor those who have seen Star Wars the phantom menace, what character that comes to mind that you cannot stand and wish they were not a part of star wars?Most people will respond with star wars most hated character jar jar binksI will now explain why he is so hated and why he is a bad character overallBodyJar jar is simply not essential to the plot at allHe serves no purpose to make him useful in the movieHe is supposedly the comic relief of the movie, but instead of being funny, he just is annoying to us and is not that funnyHe does not compliment the other characters either,  as his only job is to project to us what we are supposed to feel in a situationIsnt it annoying for a character to try to force us how to feel?If we are going to truly get the feeling the director wants us to, that will happen automatically, not being pushed down our throat Entertainment Weekly has said “EW declares Jar Jar Binks the #1 worst CG character ever: …Nobody can deny his clunky pratfalls were annoying enough to launch a “Star Wars” backlash.”Newsweek has stated that “For comic relief, we get the computer-generated Jar Jar Binks, a goofy, floppy-eared, vest-wearing toy serpent with a clumsy two-legged lope and an incomprehensible Caribbean accent. (He’s a kind of extraterrestrial Stepin Fetchit.) Funny not he is, as Yoda would say.”In an effort to make jar jar seem somewhat useful, fans have come up with a ridiculous theory of how Jar Jar Binks is a sith lordThe only reason for this theory is to try to get the worst character to have a hidden usefulnessThe only reason for him being in star wars is that George Lucas’ kids came up with the idea and wanted a silly clownish character in the movieAnother aspect that people get bothered by him is that he is not only not funny and not essential to the plot, but he is a display for stereotypes.”There was something about his demeanor that suggested blackness and that suggested, more specifically, stereotypical blackness,” says Michael Dyson, professor of African-American studies at Columbia University.On there has been over 80,000 messages about jar jar calling him a claasic coon stereotypeMany people have taken offense to this stereotype made by himConclusionSo with him being not essential to the plot and not funny at all, these are the main reasons why he is a bad character in generalHe is hated by fans because of the previously stated points and due to the fact that he displays stereotypical tendencies

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