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How Does Bullying Start?How does bullying start— a million dollar question. Bullying is prevalent throughout the world and spans across socioeconomic, racial/ethnic and cultural lines. Bullying behavior can begin as early as preschool and intensify throughout transitional stages, such as starting first grade or moving into high school. In conclusion, the the truth is, bullying can start in a variety of different ways… The Parents In most cases when it comes to any type of bullying, those who are either affected or surrounded by bullying blame the parents first. Although, most of the time parents are not connected and/or active with their children and this results in an unstable household. The case may be that the bully comes from a single parent household, their parents are always fighting or maybe their household is simply unstable. In regards to a child’s homelife or without regards, bullying, in most cases is a cry for help. The CommunityThroughout the country there are many neighborhoods that have a bad reputation.

If a child is always surrounded by negativity within their community, then it could lead to a negative lifestyle. In many cases this includes bullying others for what one does not have; whether it be tangible or intangible items or possessions. In conclusion, most children are creatures of habit and learn from their surroundings. If one is not instilled with morals, goals and set on a correct path, then this could result in a permanently negative life. Neglect Neglect, in most cases, is one of the primary reasons a child begins the bullying cycle.

When a child is neglected, he or she may act out as a bully for attention. He/ she simply wants someone to acknowledge them; instead of informing someone of what is taking place at home they bully others. Often times when a child is bullying another child due to neglect; the bullying process takes longer to spot and stop. Most cases of neglect are simple: the parents of the bully are never home, the bully never receives attention and/or the bully’s parents don’t have enough time for their children. Unfortunately, this could cause a child to find attention and love elsewhere, which is usually from the wrong crowd.

Types of BullyingThere are several different types of bullying that a child may experience, some are more obvious to the common eye while others can be more subtle. The different types of bullying that are listed down below are some of the ways that bullying could be happening within the Rockingham County School system. PhysicalPhysical bullying includes hitting, kicking, punching or choking. Bullying that takes place physically can also cause damage to another’s child’s possessions. Usually, physical bullying is where the victim is targeted repeatedly and generally means that the bully has intentions to hurt, embarrass or intimidate. According to the National Bullying Prevention Center, “About 20 percent of students experience physical bullying at some point in their lives.

” VerbalVerbal bullying includes threatening, teasing and name calling. While verbal bullying can be harmless, it can escalate to more serious levels quickly. In most cases, verbal bullying is targeted towards emotion rather than physical pain; this results in long term psychological effects to the victim. “Verbal bullying can be more difficult to see and stop. It tends to occur when adults aren’t around to stop it” (Bullying Statistics, 2017).

Social Social bullying includes spreading rumors, ostracizing and exclusionary behaviors. Bullying that targets outcast and attacks those who do not make their voice present tend to be the victims of social bullying. In most cases of social bullying the bully attacks the victim to make him/herself feel and/or seem more powerful.

Social bullying is intended to damage another person’s reputations or relationship. SexualSexual bullying includes inappropriate touching, threatening or teasing that is sexually harassing. Sexual bullying uses sexuality as a weapon with intentions to pressure and make another person feel uncomfortable. “Sexual bullying is rapidly increasing, and may lead to future domestic violence (Bullying Statistics, 2017).   CyberCyber bullying is harassment and humiliation over the internet. Cyber bullying takes place when the bully post personal photos, false information or mean content about the targeted victim. Cyber bullying tends to be more extreme compared to the other types of bullying, because there is no limit on who can see the post.

This specific type of bullying is used to permanently damage a person’s online reputation. According to ——, “Cyber bullying is increasing as the world of social media expands and 95% of teens have witnessed this kind of bullying and ignored the behaviour.” Signs of a Child Being Bullied… Children tend not to tell their parents that they are being bullied.

Many reasons such as: “My parents won’t understand,” “I’ll be punished,” “They will worry about me too much,” “I cannot snitch,” or “I’m afraid to tell anyone.” This is why it is crucial for parents and teachers to notice the signs of a child being bullied. Growing up is difficult enough for a child. By realizing a child is having a tough time, helping them with proper guidance and care can make all the difference. Below is a list of several signs a concerned parent, teacher, friend and/ or aquiatiance should look for. Coming home from school with bruises, cuts or other unexplained injuries;Having damaged clothing, books or possessions;Often “losing” things that they take to school;Complaining of frequently not feeling well before school or school activities;Skipping certain classes;Wanting to avoid going to school or going to school a certain way, such as taking strange routes home from school or not wanting to ride the bus;Acting sad or depressed;Withdrawing from others;Displaying low self-esteem;Mood swings, including anger or sadness;Wanting to run away;Trying to take a weapon to school;Talking about suicide or violence against other;Loss of friends;Declining grades in school (Warning Signs For Bullying, 2017)  Signs a Child is Bullying Others… Many parents could never begin to imagine the fact that their child may be a bully, but statistics say that 1 out of 5 kids in grades 6-10 admits to being a bully (Bullying Statistics, 2017). That is why it’s crucial to recognize and stop a child from bullying others. In order to do so, one needs to understand and notice one or more of the following signs— and then find a way to check the behaviors.

  Gets into physical or verbal fightsHave friends who bullyAggressive attitudeFrequently being sent to the principal’s officeBlames others for their problemsDoes not accept responsibility for their actionsAre competitive and worry about their reputation Shows violence at homeExcessive lying (Warning Signs For Bullying, 2017) Prevention What is now in place? East Rockingham High School puts most of its focus on bullying during Bullying Awareness Week; which starts on October 23rd through the 27th. On one day of that week, students and administrators are asked to wear orange. Throughout the school year though, guidance counselors are available for students to express their feelings about their personal experiences. The school community relies on teachers, staff and fellow peers to spread awareness and to be kind to one another. There are also clubs within East Rockingham High School that promote and pertain to bullying awareness. Bullying takes place in and outside of school. At East Rockingham High School the community strives for a safe place for all students to learn and grow.

It is the responsibility of the administrators and teachers within the school to ensure the safety of our school community.From a young age, we are taught to be kind and stray away from judgemental thoughts and actions. Although efforts were made to spread awareness in primary schools, the growth of students has lead to a decrease in bullying awareness. As I sit at a lunch room table, surrounded by familiar faces, the shadows of the outcast linger by the walls.

Bullying in my school is still very prevalent. While my peers and I often neglect to notice, it surrounds us. “Our guidance counselors and teachers act as a safe place for students to reveal their troubles.” While this might be true in some instances, most students would rather keep their problems to themselves. It is not uncommon for students to feel uncomfortable while talking about personal problems, such as being a victim of bullying. Sometimes it feels as if counselors only concern is with school. This can make it very difficult for students to open up to their only sources. Bullying is a real and pressing issue in all ages of children.

A common mentality of teachers and administrators is that, “Bullying doesn’t happen here.” While it is a pleasant idea to think your school community is only kind and safe, that is almost always untrue. Ignorance is not bliss with an instance like bullying. “For too long, our society has shrugged off bullying by labeling it a ‘rite of passage’ and by asking students to simply ‘get over it.

‘ Those attitudes need to change. Every day, students are bullied into silence and are afraid to speak up. Let’s break this silence and end school bullying (Linda Sanchez).” East Rockingham High School has very limited bullying prevention strategies.

In order to ensure a —- school, we must take the necessary steps and actions to better our community. What should be in place? Bullying is a widespread issue, that can affect almost all areas of life. While there is no single solution to end bullying, there are many effective strategies that can be taken to reduce it. Research indicates that bullying can start as early as age 3 (—). The importance of tackling bullying should be a key component within schools. Schools have the potential to ultimately discourage, or even end bullying altogether.

Although schools were originally built for the sole purpose of learning, they must evolve and change with society. Bullying has been around for hundreds of years, but it wasn’t till the early 2000’s that it began to be taken more seriously. Bullying is a trending topic that is advancing throughout a majority of US schools. By creating the emergence of successful organizations and programs that are working towards decreasing bullying. Schools across the country have implemented anti-bullying campaigns and programs. By taking these preventative measures, they will ensure protection of the students while in school. Columbine Shooting Talk about columbine shooting here.

 Both shooters were students of the school.Both shooters had been stockpiling weapons and ammunition in their own homes for months.Both shooters experienced mental illnesses.Both sets of parents were distraught when they learned what their sons were doing in their own homes. It was apparent to most psychologists who had reviewed the case that the changes taking place in these young men were quite noticeable.

Psychologists were also fairly certain the boys had been the victims of bullies at some point and time.The fact is, the parents are not the only ones to blame. The boys’ teachers readily admitted they had seen them change dramatically over the span of a few months. They noticed their grades had changed as well as their attitude and how they interacted with other students. Fellow students had even noticed changes. All changes that were negative in nature and fostered an air of disdain and loathing.

Parents play a key role in protecting their child(ren) against any harm. While protecting their child(ren) at school can be nearly impossible, there are many ways parents can provide alternate opportunities for their children to feel safe when leaving their home. Education of parents is often times overlooked. Bullying often times takes place on school grounds.

Teachers and school administrators are more likely to catch the act of bullying. They also have the opportunity to deter any future instances from happening. Establishing a safe school climate is an important ——-. The first step is for teachers and staff to recognize any abnormal behavior within students.

Bullying is commonly overlooked as “joking around.” By simply not tolerating any horseplay behavior in the classroom can prevent bullying. Kids spend most of their day at school, so it is crucial the school systems recognize the issue and take necessary actions.It is unlikely that an anti-bullying campaign could have prevented the Columbine shooting and its entirety. Although, it could have made more people aware of the possibilities and given them the tools to turn the tide of the events to come. Creating a campaign is half the battle. Acting on bullying is what makes change happen. It may not fix the problem completely, but it can offer options to those involved as well as set things in motion to create a more positive environment.

In order to take action and put an end to bullying our school community must involve its students and faculty in empowering, enjoyable activities throughout the school year. With the helpful feedback from the student body and online research, we have found an endless amount of activities and helpful ways to promote anti-bullying. Examples:Inspirational Quote of the Day An inspirational quote of the day will be a great start to the day, it will provide an empowering and motivation filled thought for everyone within the school.

A quote of the day will be chosen and announced by a select student on the daily morning announcements; resulting in no extra class time being used. Not only is an inspirational quote of the day rewarding, it is simple, easy and cost-free. Below are a few leading examples… “Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter.”  – Anonymous “Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right.” –  Theodore Roosevelt”Never do a wrong thing to make a friend–or to keep one.

” – Robert E. Lee Guest Speaker Assemblies Guest speaker assemblies are an easy and effective way to get students to learn about various issues. Assemblies will be an optional sign-up event for teachers and students who want to partake in the presentation.

Nationwide anti-bullying speakers, such as Tom Thelen or Keith Deltano, help end bullying from the inside out. Their programs entail practical, valuable and —- solutions to discontinue bullying. Both Thelen and Delatno can adjust to different grade levels and bullying types. Safe Havens A safe haven is known as a place of refuge or security.

Most students do not feel like they have a ‘safe’ or private place to report bullying. By creating one within schools, it can provide a place for students to come when they are feeling harrassed by another. In case of a severe incident, authorities will have time to get there. Safe havens are encouraged by the anti-bullying campaign, Stop Bullying, that is sponsored by the federal government.  Online ActivitiesSchools are converting to online learning and giving out Chromebooks for students to use in and outside of class. By creating an online blog and/or activities for students of all ages to use, it could help bring the students closer togetherAn —- as simple as a name generator, which randomly pairs two students together, would ———————- Student section– how to ‘survive’ bullying & self confidenceEffects of Being Bullied Most bullies will not confront their victims in the open. They will wait till they are alone and have no one to turn to. Students who are bullied often act as if they are being watched or are about to be caught doing something they shouldn’t be doing.

They are afraid of being alone and, in some cases, have nightmares. Bullying has a negative impact on everyone involved; the bully, the target and the bystanders. Impact On Bullies Everytime that a bully hurts another child, they become more emotionally removed from their victims physical and emotional pain. In most cases, the bully learns to justify their actions by believing that the victim deserves to be bullied. Bullies also learn the misconception that in order to receive either a tangible or intangible possession they must use force. As for long term effects; bullies usually do not learn key traits such as negotiating, sharing and empathizing.

    Both bullies and victims suffer from depression and extremely low self-esteem

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