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How to stick to your goals when life gets crazy everyone knows that our success depends on our goals and way to achieve them. We set goals and make plans to achieve it but it gets hard sometimes to stick to them. Reasons can be many like late success distractions criticism no moral support or any other. Here are the ways how to stick to your goals when everything is not in your favor- 1- ignore criticism useful criticisms are helpful but dont pay attention to negative criticism. Nobody can understand or appreciate your work better than yours. Dont argue with them it distracts you and brings doubts in your mind. Be confident- if you think you did the right thing then stick with your decision. 2- take advise from others the experiences from others are a priceless source of knowledge and inspiration. But you should know when to take advice and implement it on your goal. Dont take every advice seriously it can be harmful. 3- do that gives you real pleasure make sure that your favorite job brings money at least to eat but do not stop thinking about how to increase your professional level and income. If you are consistent and doing good work sooner or later you will achieve what you desire. There are no such areas where a real expert would not be able to earn. Passion for what you do and sincere interest can take you to the success. 4- dont change direction after the first failure after sometimes after starting with your goals your enthusiasm may end you start thinking that you are not made for it there are no good results and there would be no good results. Suppress these types of thoughts. Dont panic and continue to pursue in the same direction. Learn from your failures and keep moving in the same direction. Running from one idea to another will leave you with nothing. 5- dont wait until you are 100 percent ready very often people abandon their ambition because they think that they are not yet ready. If you wont start then how can you say you are not ready nobody can be completely ready for anything anytime. Just dont think you are ready or not just do it otherwise you will sit in the same place for whole life and wait. Think about your goal analyze it compare with competitors and look for new ideas. Think in the right direction and new ideas and thoughts will come automatically. Never get worried about past. Dont regret your past decisions maybe it was the requirement of the situation and same with the future. Dont worry about your future dont plan everything. It is better to make plans for the present situation. 

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