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Mumbai is a land of dreams, where billions of people
migrate to every year. The home to Indian Cinema, or Bollywood, Mumbai is the
fashion capital of the country. Moreover, the city is also the hot seat for all
the country’s financial decisions. Its numerous beaches form the most
picturesque scene in the city, which is otherwise bustling with people, the
horn of cars and the rhythmic sound of local trains. The Gateway of India and
Marine Drive are the soul of the city, being the most popular tourist sites in
the financial capital of India. The city is also famous for Nariman Point, the
Taj Mahal Palace and its countless churches.

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Mumbai is a perfect destination for people who love to
do different types of activities during their vacation. One of the most loved
activities consists of water sports. Since Mumbai is blessed with numerous
beaches, every beach offers different types of water sports. Some of the most
popular are banana boat ride and parasailing. You can also go for deep sea
diving in order to explore the marine world. Moreover you can also go for
cruises on the sea and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Additionally, for people
who prefer to tour the city by themselves, they can always go for a heritage
walk or hire a car for their exploration.

Andheri West is an important tourist destination in the
city of Mumbai. There are many hotels in
Andheri West Mumbai, which people can consider staying at, in order to
experience great hospitality. Some of the most popular Andheri West Mumbai hotels are Hotel Karl Residency, Hotel Orritel
West, Hotel Park View, The Classique Club, Hotel Grace Inn and Hotel Delight
Inn. Hotel Karl Residency consists of 49 rooms which offer an electronic safe,
a tea and coffee maker and a mini fridge. The hotel also features banquet halls
and meeting rooms. Hotel Orritel West is located in close proximity to many
tourist spots in Mumbai like Juhu Beach and Gateway of India. The hotel offers
banquet halls and meeting rooms, in addition to 26 luxurious rooms. Hotel Park
View has facilities like television, air conditioner and attached bathroom
present in all of its rooms. There is also a multi-cuisine restaurant and two
banquet halls for the guests. With 11 lavish and well-kept rooms, The Classique
Club offers a bar, restaurant and swimming pool to its patrons. Hotel Grace Inn
offers complimentary breakfast, in addition to offering a sauna center,
swimming pool and shopping center in the hotel. The hotel features 10 rooms
across two floors. Hotel Delight Inn offers spacious and fully-equipped rooms
with the best amenities possible. Guests will also find delicious food in its

The above-mentioned are some of the best Andheri West hotels that people must
consider while choosing a stay option in Mumbai. In addition to providing
compelling services, the hotels have a location advantage, which makes any
place in Mumbai easily accessible. One can also check the Yatra website for
more options for hotels in Mumbai
Andheri West.

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