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    Homosexuality can be defined as the romantic or sexual
attraction between individuals of the same sex or gender. I personally think
homosexuality should be decriminalized Lesbians and gays are not openly
identified as fear of been stigmatized and criticized by the community. I
personally think. Some people think homosexuality activity is unnatural but
scientific research has proven that is completely normal and it varies in human
sexuality. Social movement are aimed at encouraging the government to enact
legislation which may legitimize homosexuality (gays, bisexuals and
lesbians).The legalization of gays ,bisexuals and lesbians will allow them to
marry ,adopt, adopt and raise children as in being able to adopt children from
orphanage homes. Such law will also permit them to legally teach in schools and
serve the military without discrimination. This essay will discuss why
homosexuality should be decriminalized in our society.

Firstly, homosexuality should be decriminalized in our
society. People have selected and positioned homosexuality in the central stage
an issue that I doubt deserves so much distinction in general public as it has
received over the few years. The homosexuality or same sex sexual relationship may
not be accepted in other societies across the world. One of the major reason
that   homosexuality should be legalized in our
society is because some people fail to interpret the difference between
religion and legal matters. Such religious perception should have no place in
federal or legal matters in the society, been gay or lesbian is by choice or a
decision by an individual. We live in a secular society that sustains secular
views of an individual. The ten commandment do not define our constitution or
legal system in the country. Legalizing gay marriages or homosexuality in our
community will have no negative impact on religion or the religious views of
others, just as religion should not have any impact on the issues concerning
legalization of homosexuality in our community. According to, (Santos, 2013)  “The homosexual rights issue has become
increasingly visible in the international context. In South Africa, a recent
recognition of lesbian and gay rights are approval of equality laws in several
countries confirms the relevance of this issue at the beginning of the 21st
century. Response from conservative groups in different national contexts has
also brought gay and lesbian rights to the forefront in both national and international
political programs. The demands of lesbian and gay people for equality first
emerged in ‘developed’ countries and nowadays are present throughout ‘developing’
countries. Many activists have demanded equality and in several cases, they have
been winning legal battles. Such is the case in South Africa, where an equality
clause was included in the Bill of Rights within the new post-apartheid Interim
Constitution of 1993, which came into force in 1994, and was also included in
the final Constitution (Constitution of the Republic of South Africa 1993;
1996)”.Moreover, there will be decreased bullying and violence from the society
if homosexuality is legalized. Some people are actually bullied or maltreated
just because others suspect that he or she is gay or a lesbian. Laws should be
put in place against bullying of homosexuals (gays, lesbians, bisexuals and
Trans genders).  One of the main reason
why teenagers commit suicide are due to the child being bullied at school or
stigmatized in the community as a result of his or her sexual orientation. For
many gay and transgender teens it is a serious problem that increases their
chance of dropping out of school, becoming homeless, using drugs, or attempting
suicide. The same acceptance that will come about due to legalizing
homosexuality will show teenagers that homosexuality is acknowledged and
respected in humanity. We as the society should explain to young people that being
diverse is not a social infirmity, so that there won’t be the need to take
their own life due to rejection and stigmatization.  For many gay and
transgender youth, school is a place to be feared because of bullies and an
overall hostile climate. My verdicts suggest that many young adults believe
antigay harassment and violence is socially acceptable, particularly in
response to inferred sexual suggestions or gender norms violations. Antigay behaviors
are culturally normative and usually go unreported, education outreach to
people in the society is likely to be a more effective prevention strategy than
criminal prosecutions under special hate crimes laws. If homosexuality is
decriminalized in our society, I believe violence will reduce in our community.
According to, (John Bailey, 2013) everyone in a
society should have his or her right as a human being gay or straight.  The lives of Homosexuals’ matters as any other
individuals’ life in the society whether straight or gay they all have rights
to enjoy life in peace. Young people who are lesbians or gay face serious problems
with bullying and harassment in schools which should be a safe place for
learning is often dangerous and isolating for many gay students who regularly
face verbal attack and physical attack because of their sexual orientation.
Outside of a small number of states, gay and transgender youth are left
vulnerable to hostile school environments, which have a long-term impact on
their health and well-being. This also affects their academic performances in
school. Clearly, more effort needs to be put to ensure that homosexuals are
protected from bullying.

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homosexuality should be illegal in our societies because it is against
religious laws. Other studies by, (Røkke, 2016)
states that “Religious Right and other religious opponents to same-sex marriage
and gay rights refer to specific books in the Bible. The most common are
Genesis, Leviticus, Romans and 1 Corinthians. Genesis is the first book of the
Bible and it speaks of the creation of earth and mankind and the entry of sin,
death, promise and redemption. In Genesis 2 the story of Adam and Eve is told
and it is important in arguing against same-sex marriage because it is seen as
God’s example of how relationships should be constructed. God created man and
then woman from the man. Their relationship is described like this: “That is
why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they
become one flesh”.77 Religious opponents of same-sex marriage argue that this
type of relationship, an opposite-sex union, is the one God created and meant
for humans to live by. If God saw same-sex unions as acceptable he would have
created them”. However, the views against the views on homosexuality in religion
have now been given some consideration from various religious beliefs. According
to, (Jurkewicz, 2013) “It is possible to validate the
practice of sexuality in its various expressions utilizing Christian thought
itself. The ecclesiastical hierarchy has not listened to its theologians’
contributions, to its members, or to science. This attitude only distances communities
of faith from the world without creating any dialogue. For this reason, we make
ours the words of poet Fernando Pessoa: “Love is the important thing. Sex is an
accident. It can be the same, it can be different.” Due to the ideas disputing
religion and homosexuality, it can be said that it is not a very grave sin, therefore
it should be legalized in our societies.




Secondly, there is an issue of equal rights.
In the 1950’s, interracial marriage was illegal but now  modern society understands this to be an
unjust law that denies equal right to couples 
who love each other. The issue of gay married is of no difference
compared to others. Denying marriage to two individuals who have affection for
each other is to deny them a fundamental freedom. Sexual orientation and gender
identity have been recognized as discrimination grounds in international law.
Lesbians and gays do not claim any special or additional rights but the observance
of the same legal rights as those of the heterosexual people. Fundamental
rights like right to life is violated in most countries where death penalty is
applicable for lesbians and gays. The right to
physical and mental health is at conflict with discriminatory policies and practices.
Therefore, both hate crimes and violence against homosexuals (gays, lesbian and
bisexuals) as well as Tran’s genders individuals protections are needed to
prevent people from hurting or performing inhuman activities against them. According to, (Vincenza
Priola, 2014) ” People do say acceptance of homosexual homosexuality in
any form whether married or not has never condoned in Holy Scriptures of the bible
but the scriptures is far different from legal laws in a country. Even people
think depriving homosexuals from their legal right is righteous in their
religion and therefore it should apply to everyone but at the judgement day as
they say God will ask individuals about his/her sins”. Furthermore, a research
was conducted by the (APA, 2008), and results shows
that a lot of lesbians and gays men want to have a committed relationships. A
survey indicates that between 40% and 60% of gay men and between 45% and 80% of
lesbians are currently engaged in a romantic relationship. Further data from
the 2,000 U.S census shows that 5.5 million couples who live together are not married,
about 1 out of 9 had partners of the same sex. Although the census data are
almost certainly an underestimated of the actual number of cohabiting same sex couples,
it’s indicated that there are 301,365 male same sex household s and 293,365
female same sex household living together in the states. ”However, Vermont already
allows civil unions between same-sex couples, and the Massachusetts Supreme
Court is considering a similar ruling. Temporarily, conservative petitioning
groups are pushing Congress to pass a Federal Marriage Amendment, mandating
that marriages be performed only between a man and a woman. Same sex marriage
is clearly a conflict-ridden issue in the United States, with obsessive
proponents on both sides” detailed by (Heather Mason Kiefer, NOVEMBER 11, 2003) . Homosexuality
should be legalized in the society to ensure that human right is preserved.                                                                           

Thirdly, according to research  between 15% to 43% of lesbians, gays,
bisexual, or transgender workers have experienced being fired or denied
promotions or harassed, and some of them were denied jobs in their society despite
having  the same qualification with
non-gays or lesbians because of them being gay or lesbians or even being Tran’s
gender. On the other hand, when fear of discrimination causes lesbian, gays,
bisexual and Trans gender employees to conceal their sexual orientation or
gender identity, employers experience negative costs along with homosexual
people themselves. Homosexuals continue to face high rates of discrimination in
various workplace and human right protection could consequently have a
significant and positive impact for homosexuals in our modern society without
overly burdening employers. I think homosexuals (gays, lesbians, bisexuals and
Trans genders) should be given equal opportunity at work places and offices as
well as equal treatment without discrimination and stigmatized by legalizing it
in our society or country. A lot of homosexuals are being judged based on their
sexual orientation and gender identification even at workplaces which affects
their relationship with colleagues at work and find it difficult to socialize
with them. Talented homosexuals (gays, lesbian, bisexuals, and Trans genders)
employees leave their workplaces because they do not feel welcomed. Therefore
some tend to leave their jobs because the work environment was unwelcoming.
This has affected the efficiency of work and slows productivity this is as a
result of lack of legal protection at workplaces. Homosexuals face more
employment issues than any other people (citizens).In some countries, progress
has been made towards the legalization of same sex marriages in most countries,
many lesbians, gay, bisexuals and trans genders fear that revealing their
sexuality or sexual orientation at work place will have negative consequences.  Fewer laws have been extended to cover
homosexuals at work places but not extended to some private sectors in many
countries. We are beyond the days when an employer could evaluate employees by
assuming or insisting that the employees matched the stereotype associated with
their group. If homosexuality (gay, lesbians, Tran’s gender or bisexuals) is
decriminalized or legalized in our community in which we live in, it will
extend protection or laws to cover sexual orientation and gender
identification. Employees who have hidden their gender identification or sexual
identification from their colleagues at work places were less productive, more
distracted and less likely to stay in their current positions at workplace.
Nondiscrimination policies can improve the workplace climate and influence
choices about disclosure and concealment. Several studies have found higher
levels of disclosure in workplaces when employers have their own
non-discrimination policies that include sexual orientation or gender identity. Martin P. Levine and
Robin Leonard, (2017). However, Studies suggest that attitude towards homosexuality
and sexual minorities is not favorable and in fact most societies stigmatize
homosexuals. This negative attitude can be influenced by the religious and social
norms in contradiction of homosexuality which considered it a forbidden act. Earlier
it had been categorized as a sickness/disorder in DSM and ICD classification.
Herek (1988) explored the factors associated with negative attitude towards
homosexual individuals. Spiritual connection was found to be one of the prime
reasons for negative attitude towards sexual minorities .Lessons have also
shown that heterosexuals shown disgust and anger reaction towards erotic minorities.
Cited by  (Sciences,
August 2015).
In all it should be decriminalized in our society to avoid stigmatization of
groups of people in our society. It will make homosexuals safe and comfortable
in their own environment in which they live in.

In all, homosexuality should be
decriminalized or legalized in our community or society because it’s against
human rights law to deprive an individual from his or her gender orientation.
Parents or individuals shouldn’t deprived or be against their children or
family members’ sexual identity but rather support them with their decision and
encourage them to do better. Importantly, if homosexuality is legalized in our
society it will help in the reduction of some social problems like committing of
suicides, drug use, school dropout and loss of lives, unemployment cases, rejection
and other factors. These stigmatization causes people especially lesbians and
gays to isolate themselves due to the bullying and verbal assaults against them.
Most of them fear to be in the eye of the public thinking their life will be in
danger. And also it will reduce the percentage of unemployment rate in the
country because homosexuals are denied jobs or fired from jobs when their
sexual orientation is discovered by colleagues at work place, this leaves them jobless and affects them negatively leaving
them with no work and they may result to criminal activities which should be

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