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Homer’s “The Odyssey” follows Odysseus, king of Ithaca, and his 10 year journey back home from the Trojan War. While most people believe he is long dead, at the beginning of the epic, readers learn that he is held captive as a slave on the island of Calypso. Throughout his journey home, Odysseus is introduced to many obstacles set out by Poseidon, his arch enemy. Back home, in Ithaca, Penelope, the king’s wife is being swarmed by suitors which his son, Telemachus, isn’t too happy about. When given a visit by Goddess Athena, a good friend of Odysseus, she tell him to look for news of his missing father which leads to him heading to Pylos to visit King Nestor. He is then sent to Sparta to pay King Menelaos. While in Sparta, Telemachus discovers that his father is alive and well and currently being held captive by Calypso. Meanwhile, Athena begs her father, Zeus, king of the Greek Gods, to show mercy for her dear friend, Odysseus. Zeus complies and commands Calypso to free him from her custody. Unfortunately, Poseidon didn’t like this and tried his very best to be a detriment to Odysseus’ return to his kingdom. After a hard journey battling monsters and losing half of his army, Odysseus finally makes it back to Ithaca where his palace is swarming with men trying to marry his wife. Athena disguises him as an old beggar man so that it’s easier for him to evaluate the situation at hand without getting caught. However, Odysseus reveals himself to his son and embarks to the palace, still in disguise. Without giving away his identity, he attempts to convince Penelope that Odysseus is in his way. At this point in time, Penelope has made the decision that she will marry the winning suitor of a contest that she thought up herself. The challenge consisted of having to string Odysseus’ great bow and shoot an arrow through the heads of 12 axes – a feat only Odysseus could achieve. After many failed attempts by many different suitors, the beggar steps up to the challenge. He succeeds, reveals his true self, Odysseus, and with the help of his son, kills off each of the suitors. In the end, Odysseus, Penelope, and Telemachus are reunited back as a family and everything is back to normal. The very next day, Odysseus meets with his father while angry parents of the murdered suitors plot their revenge. Right on cue, before violence broke out, Athena appears asking why can’t we just all get along. And with that, peace is restored in Ithaca. 

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