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Homeostasis is known as the process of regulating and maintaining a secure environment internally. Meaning that it ensures that the insides of our bodies are working as they should, or as close as possible. It regards maintaining the best condition for biological life.

This means that if something ever changed within our bodies, homeostasis would fight in order to equal out these charges and get them back to as close as their original state. Homeostasis is an equalising act, it is the existence of secure surroundings within the body. It is all about getting the right balance. Homeostasis occurs continuously in our bodies, meaning keeping activities consistent. We eat, sweat, drink, dance, eat some more, have salty fries and yet our body formation stays nearly the same.

If our blood was to be pinched on ten different days of a month, the balance of glucose, sodium, red blood cells and other blood components would be constant, despite our behavior presuming fasting before blood being pinched. No matter how much water we drink, our bodies won’t swell up if we drink tons, and it won’t decrease if we drink very little. An example of our concentration of salts and glucose is constant, our body temperature is 37 degrees and the total amount of blood in our bodies is 5 litres.Conditions within our bodies are maintained to supply a consistent domestic surroundings. The environment that has to be kept up includes water content, carbon dioxide level, blood sugar level and body temperature.

Hormones are substances secreted by glands. They move through the bloodstream and influence aimed organs. When an alteration within the surroundings is current, feedback loops acknowledge to continue organisations working nearby a fitting balance. Feedback loops separate into two parts, positive and negative. Positive feedback loops is when there may be an alteration in a likely form which causes additional adjustment in the same guidance. For example an addition in the absorption of a component advantages to feedback that creates progressive development in absorption. Negative feedback loops is a likely control which causes adjustment in another direction.

It is also when your body realises something is wrong and they want to help it back to normal. For example if our body temperature changed, our body will make changes that will help restore heat trying to get our body back to normal.

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