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Home Automation system is getting
popular nowadays. It provides a lot of advantages to users even more to the
disable person and elderly users which will make it easier for them to control
their home appliances. Home automation systems can be divided to two medium in
which how it is connected. It is either wired or wirelessly connected. The
major difference is, for the wireless, home appliances can be controlled by
using a remote. If it used wired communication method, the appliances are
connected to a central controller which is the switch. In order to dispose the
wired communication among home appliances, wireless system is created. Thus, Arduino
based, Bluetooth based home automation will be applied.

The uses of Arduino and free android
software will help in reducing the cost of the project. A reasonable price
value of the product will create a better chance for people to buy the product.

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1.2 Problem Statement

Elderly and disable persons always
facing trouble to control electrical appliances in their home due to the
limitation in some of their abilities. To help them live more independent, all
the domestic systems that are difficult to control by elderly people and the
disable person need to be considered. Nowadays, home automation has turn to be
essential for the purpose of improving our life condition. This system offers
user a convenience and futuristic way to control their entire house by using a
smart phone.

Apparently, it cost a lot of money to
get the system installed in the house. Also, the setup and configuration is
quite complex and this is the reason why home automation did not received much
demand. Therefore, it is necessary to make this system more cost effective and
easy to operate. People will be willing to attain this system in their place if
it benefits them. In a nutshell, a system modification for the home automation
system is required in order to lower the price and make it more reliable to be
applied into the houses because this home automation offers an ease of mind and
body to disable person and elders in their houses. They can do what they want
as stated above without having to move because it is all controlled by remote which
is their smartphone.


1.3 Objectives of the project

develop a wireless home automation system which remotely controlled by a

To design
and implement an efficient also low cost home automation system

To design
a user friendly and a safe system to control home appliances aimed to ease
daily routines in home especially to aid the elders and handicapped.


1.4 Significance of the Project

This project will be initiated to
create a home automation system at low cost and user friendly. Furthermore,
this project is important in improving the life of people at home and it is most
useful for disable and elderly people since they have limitation or disability in
doing things in certain areas. The automation systems will have various advantages
such as comfort, increased security and energy efficiency while make things
become easier.



1.5 Scope and limitations of the

This home automation project uses
Arduino microcontroller as the main controller to create a simple and reliable system
where it will receives signal or input from the smartphones. In a simple word,
it is the medium between the smartphone and home appliances. The system needs a
continuous power supply to be functional or else user might not be able to
control the appliances. Hence, automated
control and manual control which is through switches would be implemented at a
time to provide the best and decisive system. This project will only cover some
of the home appliances only and it is meant to make home appliances controlled
remotely but not integrate with home security. Therefore this project can be
applied with home security system to provide a full package of home automation.


1.6 Chapter Summary

As a summarized, this chapter
introduced the project with a few specifications in term of project background,
problem statement, objectives, significance of the project, scope and limitations
of the projects. In a nutshell, this project is about a system to automatically
control of home appliance by using on Arduino and smartphone application.


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