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South Asia is one of those
regions of the world, which remained important in all periods of history. The
politics of this region is too complex to comprehend. Before 1947, America
played no role in the politics of subcontinent as it had not particular
interest in this region. But in 1947 after the partition of India, it developed
its interest due to Cold War rivalry which was an ideological division of the
whole world. The Americans main objective was to containment of communism. For
that purpose, it required security alliances. In South Asia Pakistan was the
only country which was ready to be allied while India did not follow this and
adopted the policy of non-alignment. Pakistan had serious security threats from
India since its independence that is why it was searching assistance from
America. Pakistan participated in many treaties that were articulated by the US
to contain communism and received a massive military and economic aid which was
strongly criticized by India. The US wanted to establish same bind of relations
with India. But India did not appreciate US attempts and rejected the offer
under the non-alignment policy. Despite status of non-alignment during the cold
war India maintained friendly relations with the Soviet Union. India was a
place of great attraction and benefit for the US, regarding democracy, big
market, and its large population. The US did not support Pakistan during the
three Indo-Pak wars, 1948, 1965 and 1971. Instead America fully supported
India’s point of view on all the issue. As a result, different alliances
between Pakistan and US proved to be fruitless. Despite of the failure of
relation, Pakistan played role of front line state for US. After the cold war
America became sole superpower and relationship between America and India
became stronger. India also viewed its relations with US and re-arranged its
policies because after Soviet Union, America appeared to be a superpower whose
favor was India’s great need. That is why in the Clinton era, India’s relations
with America were much strong and stable.

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