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Higher education
must be accessible to all and the higher educational institutions have a great
responsibility of delivering the necessary contents both academic and administrative
information that are important for the students to complete their degree on
time. The higher educational institutions have taken many efforts to provide
such contents to their students via many media such as notice boards, public
address system, digital boards, and digital library available in the
institution. However some of the students miss out the vital information. The
modern gadgets and other sources have diverted the attention of the students and
therefore the institutions are expected to provide some additional sources to
give such necessary information via the medium that they use frequently. One of
the long-standing difficulties facing vision-impaired students has been access
to educational materials, such as textbooks and classroom materials. The
situation has markedly improved in recent years, as materials are increasingly
available in electronic format, enabling vision-impaired students to access
textual content with adaptive technologies, such as screen or braille readers. The
websites are undoubtedly the viable medium which is present in the internet or
intranet and can be accessed even through a mobile phone at any time. Hence,
the need to provide such necessary contents through the Web has been increased.
But for vision impaired students, there are some obstacles for the effective
use of the web content and other tools which may also have negative influence
on the learning process. This paper aims at investigating the experiences of
the visually-impaired students in Higher education and the barriers that
complicated their higher study opportunities and aims at eliminating the digital
divide and devising an innovative method to understand and analyze the
experience of Visually-impaired students.

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