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Hibah can be considered as one of the instrument in Islamic wealth planning. Hibah in literally meaning are passing or blowing. In technically, it means a voluntary contract that result in uncompensated ownership transfer between living individual. Hibah is a transfer of legal and beneficial ownership of the assets from donor to the beneficiary on volunteer basis (without valuable consideration or compensation). However, without guidelines and knowledge about hibah, hibah cannot perform its function very well. It may lead any problem especially about properties between family members. In the contemporary Islamic estate planning, hibah can be divided either in the form of direct hibah or hibah trust. Direct hibah is a less complex in terms of transferring the ownership of the donor’s property to the donee through ijab and qabul. Then, hibah trust is a combination of hibah and trust itself. In general, it is define as a gift from the donor to the beneficiaries during his lifetime and which is the asset can be transferred to the beneficiaries after the donor’s demise and the asset will be transferred completely. Hibah Amanah have many definition from different perspective. For example hibah amanah in Lembaga Tabung Haji, hibah amanah in Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad (ASNB), hibah amanah in takaful industry, hibah amanah in Amanah Raya Berhad (ARB) and also hibah amanah in As-Salihin Trustee Berhad. Tabung Haji has launched a new product offered which is Hibah Amanah early this year (2017). Hibah Amanah Tabung Haji is a contract of giving wealth from saving account of the depositor during his or her lifetime to recipients on the basis of affection, voluntary basis, without coercion, without any return and with akad between two parties involved. There are 5 pillars of Hibah Amanah according to Tabung Haji which are giver of the Hibah (Wahib), recipient of Hibah (Mawhub Lahu), wealth that involve in Hibah (Mawhub), sighah (Ijab and Qabul) and Hibah Acceptance (Qabd). Among of the reasons that were listed by Tabung Haji, it can be given to anyone including non-muslims and not subjected to Faraid ruling. Besides that, Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad (ASNB) defines Hibah Amanah as a combination of the hibah and trust concepts. It also service based on Shariah that applies in wealth management which is gift in the form of ASNB unit trust fund from the Unit Holder (Donor) to his loved ones during his lifetime based on the terms and conditions stated in the Hibah Deed. In takaful industry, hibah concept is used for takaful products in which participants could give hibah in the form of assigning the takaful benefit to the nominee or hibah recipient. Recipient will receive the amount of hibah after death of participant.  According to Amanah Raya, Amanah hibah or hibah amanah is contract or agreement of gift of asset made by the donor during his lifetime to give the benefit to the beneficiary without any consideration. In Amanah Raya, hibah divided into two which is Hibah al-Umra and Hibah al-Ruqba.As-Salihin trustee berhad is one of the company that offered product which is Pri-Hibah. Pri-Hibah in As-Salihin trustee berhad is grant declaration made by the owner asset (donor) that give the asset to the beneficiary and the asset will give the benefit to the beneficiary. Pri-hibah is a written document that contains the terms and conditions of beneficiary.

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