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Hi fellas, Are you interested to be a public speaker?  To be a good public speaker you must have some preparation before goes to your audience.  If you leave a preparation of the basic matter of speech and just rely on being able to think of something interesting to say whilst you in front of an audience, you are inviting a failure not just the failure of a poor speech, but a personal failure too.

This following procedure will ensure you to get the satisfactory collection of material for any speech;

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You must know the answers to the following questions,

1.            Who will comprise your audience?

2.            Where will you speak?

3.            For how long are you to speak?

4.            When will you speak?

5.            What will you speak about, and why?

6.            What is the reason for the address to persuade, inform or entertain?

7.            Why is it that you are speaking?

With the answers to these questions written down, you have your speech neatly”boxed in” by a number of known factors within which your preparation is to be housed.

Now Ask Yourself:

•             How much do I know about this subject?

•             What don’t  I know about it?

•             Which area is most important past, present or future?

You will be surprised at how much you know and how much you recognize. you don’t know about any given subject.


Write down the answers to the above questions.


If you are an expert on the subject of your address, then “research” can mean simply the logical rearrangement of known facts to suit the particular aim of the speech,but,be warned,”an expert has been as a person who knows more and more about less and less,”and invariably he is unable to communicate Any of the more and more to an audience. Do not plan the speech so that what you wish to say is Above the heads of your audience.

?             Libraries:

A good reference library is a basic necessity for a speaker. Information on most subjects can be obtained from the library references of great value too are authoritative and up to date periodicals and magazines, which give essential facts and matters of national and world importance.

?             Daily Newspapers:

In every capital city and many provincial centers, a comprehensive “library” of press cuttings is kept by individual newspapers.These facilities usually are available on request.

Each speech must contain an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.If any of these three are lacking, the effectiveness of the speech has been drastically reduced.

1.            INTRODUCTION:

The purpose of the introduction may be listed as follows:

a)            One purpose is to gain attention and arouse the interest, excitement and the curiosity of the audience. This objective can be met in several ways:

•             Tell a short story that is appropriate to the occasion.

•             Use a quotation.

•             Ask a rhetorical question that is challenging.

•             Refer to the audience or to the occasion.

•             Use a novel idea or approach.

Things Not To Do Are:

•             Apologize for your speech, your subject or anything.

•             Start by saying,”My speech is…” or “The title of my speech


b)            Another purpose of the introduction is to prepare your audience and to open their minds for what you want to tell them.This might include giving:

•             Historical background material.

•             Personal material such as : Amount of research this should be handled modestly. Overdoing it could alienate the audience.

c)            The next objective is to indicate the direction and purpose of the speech.


2.            BODY:

This section is the meat of the speech.You have set the direction of the speech and now it is time to carry the message to the audience.

A Few Suggestions,

•             Make sure the speech is not too technical for the audience to understand; likewise, make sure that it is not too trivial or broad.

•             Be sure and have enough backup material.

•             Make sure you can stay within the time limits.

•             Make sure you are familiar with the material.

•             Make sure your material is organized.


3.            CONCLUSION:

The conclusion of a speech is most important .the conclusion brings together all the arguments, points, subpoints, emotions and feelings of the speech to a logical ending.The ending should have a powerful impact on the audience.This is the speakers last opportunity to bring home the message of the speech.There is no room in a good speech for a weak, unprepared conclusion.

Write out your speech and after you are satisfied with it, read it carefully a number of times. Be sure it agrees with the time you are allowed. Practice before a mirror and talk out loud. There is no substitute for preparation. Good luck!

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