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Heroes are not just greek myths anymore but still they exemplify the same standards. Modern heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Iron Man represent the ideals most valued by society and emulate what greek heros stood for, fighting evil. There is a direct correlation between modern heros and those of the ancient greek culture and even how they are presented. The goal is to inform people to put others above self and fight against the evils that exist. Hercules fought the titans, Captain America fought Red Skull and a group of second graders fought off a bully using their words. Heroes instill heroism in modern day society, they help young children see what is wrong and learn from it. Wonder Woman is closely related to mythology and holds a wide appeal to modern audiences because wonder woman saves the world from destruction. In Greek Mythology there are many instances where heroes emerge from the society and treated very special according to their heroic actions. A good example of this is Hercules who is “noted for his strength and courage and for his many legendary exploits.” (Hercules 1) Hercules is the “most popular of all greek heroes, famous for extraordinary strength and courage.” (Hercules, Greek Hero 1) Hercules grew to his fame from saving the world, “he defended Thebes from the armies of a neighboring city.” (Hercules, Greek Hero 1) Hercules then grew and completed many perilous tasks such as the twelve labors. This made him to be the great hero he is quoted by the ancient Greeks to be. Heroes are chosen by the tasks they complete, Hercules saved the world from titans and many other perils giving him his high status. Hercules is considered a “proper hero,” because he stood up for what is right. (Hercules, Greek Hero) Heroes are describable as “people who perform a service to those who need it voluntarily, weighing possible risks and costs and not for external gain at the time of the act.” (Zimbardo) There is a highly calculated piece to heroes that defines them and makes them likable. Heroes are not something that one can buy at a store but are people that take a personal risk and put others needs before theirs. In modern society there are many superhero movies and war movies that concentrate on a hero or group of them fighting off an evil trying to take over the world or destroy it. For example in Marvel movie Captain America a hero is challenged with saving the world from a villian seeking personal gain at the cost of the people and putting his needs like his love for another second. Superheroes represent the same thing the greek heroes did for the ancient greeks, hope. A hero is there to stand for what is righteous, to put civilians needs first and protect the world from destruction. Wonder woman exemplifies what constitutes a hero and could be described as a modern day hercules. She faced many challenges along her journey and like all heroes put her needs second to the needs of the people. Wonder woman has “an abundance of both physical and mental strength.” (What Makes Wonder Woman) Not only is her strength of a high standard but “she’s a defender of peace and equality, an experienced diplomat continuously fighting for what she believes in.” (What Makes Wonder Woman) Wonder woman defeated the evil in the end of her movie but at a high cost to herself, losing someone she deeply loved. Wonder woman stands for an ideal, past her superpowers and super strength just like Hercules. They stand for something more, that sometimes the hero becomes yourself and it’s the choice of putting others above yourself. This key lesson is represented in these stories and has been carried out throughout history, its central to life and a major characteristic of the human race. The stories of hercules were read to children from a young age teaching them, and so is the movie Wonder Woman. Stories thousands of years apart both share a central image, showing how import society values it. Not only is their ideals mirrored but they both face personal challenges. Wonder woman has a “weakness, if her bracelets are bound together by a man she loses her powers.” (Crawford) Hercules’s weakness was he wasn’t very smart and ultimately was his greatest flaw. Heroes suffer from personal weaknesses and have to overcome them to succeed. This makes heroes more relatable to people. “Wonder woman’s image is plastered everywhere and is focused on products young children enjoy like mac and cheese and Halloween costumes,” showing kids they can be a hero too. (Crawford) In modern society people look up to heroes, Kyle Carpenter is a great example of a hero in modern day society being the youngest person to receive a medal of honour. Kyle saved his friend from a hand grenade saving their lives at a high physical cost to himself. All heros exemplify the characteristics rooted back to Greek mythology, of bravery and honor and for standing for what is right. Reading and learning about heros from a young age inspires people to stand for what is righteous, to believe in themselves and do the unimaginable. This makes the world a better place, saving it from the evils that hold it back.

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