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Here are
some ideas for what to look forward to in 2018.



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Grey is still a good neutral choice but there
are now bolder colours like brown- blacks, ultra violet and striking greens
along with earthy reds and yellows which are expected to edge out cooler
neutrals.  To go with these new colours
are sofas in luscious velvet.

2. Dark Woods

Furniture is turning darker this year with a revival
for retro glamour with art deco sideboards with a fusion of added colour and
metallic fittings.

Designer inspired chairs are still very popular
and come in many designs and colours giving a cool stylish and contemporary

3.Global Influences

There are a lot of Asian influences in
collections this year with bold colours and patterns emerging. Textiles take on
a raw feel with shades of Clay, Terracotta and ochre featuring strongly.

4. Hand crafted textures

Texture is in this season with a handmade feel
such as rattan and wicker chairs. Fabrics will have lots of embellishments, raw
edges and applique’ details to add variety and interest.

5. Tropical Prints

Ongoing from last year is the tropical look
with the retro swiss cheese plant and palm leaves in poster prints and on
cushion covers. The patterned plant has increased in popularity with the
eye-catching prayer plant.  The greens
look great against the darker bold colour walls that are very fashionable. Also
expect more overscaled floral patterns in high contrast colours.

6. Metallic Accents

Metallics are still around but brass is
emerging this year stronger that copper and rose gold.

Brass furniture such as coffee tables against
soft pink and emerald green bring a luxurious finish to a room. Mixing brass
with marble is on trend for lighting.

7.Pineapples and Cactus

Pineapples are still around along with the
cactus which is very popular with a lot of artificial cactus plants in metallic
pots making them a lot easier to look after instead of the real thing.





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