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Henry Kissinger was the American diplomat that served as the United States Secretary of State under the 37th president, Richard Nixon during the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War happened on November 1, 1955, to April 30, 1975, with Anti-Communist countries like the United States and South Vietnam versus Communist North Vietnam and the Viet Cong.  During this time was the Cold War between the two world superpowers at the time the United States and the Soviet Union (USSR) who both had and still have nuclear weapons that could end the world. To avoid one to one combat, they had many indirect combats like the Vietnam War and the Korean War.  The war is considered the proxy war of the Cold War era. The United States was involved with Vietnam during World War II when Vietnam was under the French, allies of the U.S. It was then President Truman provided large amounts of financial and military assistance to French military who were fighting Vietnam forces. Later on, it increases to providing direct military assistance to nearby associated states, such as Laos and Cambodia. Further on it lead on to the increasing amount of military assistance. Their goal was to restrict communism from spreading to other neighboring countries, as known as the domino theory coined by President Eisenhower. Henry Kissinger played a role regarding the diplomacy used concerning United States involvement in Vietnam with some praising it and others criticizing it. In one document (Document 1) he stated that our experience in Vietnam can be useful and be applied to somewhere else. During the whole thing, Vietnam War after the late 1960s overtime was gradually becoming one of America’s most hated war. It shaped American politics, it leads to the people’s views to change on the government to be more cautious and suspicious of them. I agree with him because in the aftermath America didn’t gain anything politically, economically, or socially. The draft was put to the end, but it can be put back into place if the President of the United States ever decides to go to war with any country. In document 2 talks about the importance of media. The American media supported the Presidents’ decision during the war. The media reaches millions of people and then the people can talk about it and spread even more. If the media points a favorable view of the president’s decision, then the American public would look at the president’s decision more favorable. 

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