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Hello everyone. Back to
the times when we were still in primary or secondary school. I’m sure we all
have been punished by the teachers using a cane if we do something wrong such
as being too noisy or even forgot to submit our homework. Some teachers feels
that such punishment needs to be used to form a good discipline in the students
so that they will not repeat the mistake again. However, I strongly believe
that using canning should not be used as a form of punishment for students.
There are three good reasons to support my opinion. It can harm the students,
it can be a form of abuse and also can lower the students will to study more.

First, let’s consider
the painess it will bring to the students. Sometimes, the teachers can be too
emotional when they can the students especially when the teachers are under
stress due to the problems that are completely unrelated to the students at all.
When they are affected by their personal problem, they can bring harmness to
the student. A case back in July 2017 reported that a student in Chinese
primary school were canned 12 times just because she was accused of late in
paying her for parent-teacher association’s fee. Why should such punishment be
executed when the problem are beyond the student’s power? Mohamed Fadzil, who
is also an expert in psychology and counselling, said although caning served as
a disciplinary tool, guidelines should be formulated to ensure fairness for all
the parties concerned.

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Now let’s think about
the punishment in form of abusement. According to Asso Prof Dr Mohamed Fadzil
Che Din, the National Defence
University of Malaysia Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni), Caning
is allowed in Islam to teach and form discipline in children, but
psychologically, it can lead to emotional and physical distress. Just as I
mentioned before, when the teachers are affected by their own personal problem,
they can lash out their stress and angriness towards the student without they
even realized it. And when they realized it, the students may be already be in
too much pain. Some of the cases reported  in Malaysia already reported that some
students was submitted to the hospital for treatment after they were can by
their teacher. Such action can be considered as a form of abuse or even
bullying. Datin Noor Azimah Abdul
Rahim who is chairman for Parent Action Group for Education Malaysia (Page), said
Page supports Unicef’s call.”Even if it is merely to scare a child, caning is
considered inhumane. It is a form of psychological bullying,” she said.

Finally, a third reason
to support my opinion is that caning can lower the student’s will to study. After
they were punish, this can make the students to be embarrassed especially if
they were can in front of their friends. This is because their student will
teased them afterwards. This can lower their spirits to study more especially
if they were punish for the problem that they were not guilty of. Caning also can
scars children emotionally for life. They can be traumatized especially if they
were beaten too much with the can. Some students can also be under stress and
hence, stop coming to school as they feel like school can no longer provide a
safe environment for them.

In closing, I hope I’ve
shown you why students should not be can in school. As you have heard today,
caning can harm the students, be an abusement to the children and also bring
down the student’s spirit to study. I strongly urge you to carefully think
about this and consider my argument for a better future of our next generation.
Thank you. 

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