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Heliocentric model of the solar system (actually read it from the book)Simplified explanation of retrograde motion, variable brightness of planets, Mercury and Venus always appearing near sunOpposed because it contradicted the Bible.Geocentric universe had been not reliable due to the very theology of ChristianityThe evidence of him strongly supports that the earth did not move.-Accumulated decade of accurate data on the locations of celestial objects-Developed Heliocentric model based on observational evidence that the earth did not move-Analyse his data in 1600 mathematically-Discovered that tables of predictions of planet positions sourced from the works of both Ptolemy and Nicolaus CopernicusHe stood out to say against the church. He pointed the wrong parts of the astronomer and said that what bibles saying of the creation of galaxy is wrong.He built his own telescope and used to study the heavens in 1609. In 1610, He published a book Starry Messenger described his observations. Jupiter had four moons and that the sun had dark spots and earth’s moon had a rough, uneven surface. Definitely different compared to Aristotle’s idea.-Rotation of the sun-Phases of Venus-Moons of jupiter-Stars in the Milky WayCatholic and protestant leaders warned Calileo not to defend the ideas of Copernicus because if people believe the church could be wrong, they will start questioning about other church as well. However, he continued his study and published a book.The pope summoned Galileo to Rome to stand trial before the Inquisition. Galileo stood before the court in 1633, he knelt before the cardinals and read aloud a signed confession. In it, he agreed that the ideas of Copernicus were false. -Believed for aesthetic reasons in heliocentric model-Determined laws of planetary motion by trial and error, checking calculation against Brache’s data-Believed in the physical reality of the model ( Like Copernicus)He also made a risk taking movement towards the church of all astronomers. He announced that the bible was wrong at all which made so many people to doubt about it. As a consequence, he had to keep moving city to city from the catholicsHelped the new approach at 1600s.Use Inductive method.Specifics to generalThe scientific method Hypothetico Deductive MethodHe strongly showed disbelief and damaging stuff to the church. The invention of his scientific method let all following astronomers to be able to discover more truth of the universehelped the new approach at 1600s.Created his own Discussion of the Method 1. Never accept anything as true until all reasons for doubt can be ruled out.2. Divide problems into as many parts as possible and necessary to provide an adequate solution.3. Thoughts should be ordered, starting with the simplest and easiest to know, ascending little by little, and, step by step, to more complex knowledge.4. Make enumerations so complete, and reviews so general, that nothing is omitted.Analytical GeometryDiscovered that he could solve problems in geometry by converting them into problems in algebra.He is the first people who felt suspicious about himself. He asked the logics of nature why they are in that way which no one ever thought before. This also created a trouble with church due to questioning himself about his absence.Copernican system destroyed Aristotle’s explanation of motion and offered nothing to take its place.Published. Laws of motion and the law of gravity (1687)Established Physical basis for Kepler’s laws as well as the trajectory motion of cannonballsBasis for later mechanistic deterministic worldview.Harvey also used mathematical data to prove that the blood was not being consumed First thought of reproduction.Manage to describe the detailed process of blood being pumped to the brain and body by the heart.Introduced new concept of human body. It is not a one detached part and actually made up of all seperate moving parts

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