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soil is very vital to plants. In addition to essential nutrients found in soil,
soil provides an anchor for plant roots and helps support the plants. Fertilizer also provides plants with nutrients and is usually
given to plants when watering. The most important key nutrients for plants
growing needs are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These elements help the
plant to grow and then with the help of electricity it can grow faster.

Also, plants require time, Plants do not grow overnight
or even in a day. It takes time and patience to grow plants, and some of them
take longer than others. Most plants require many days, weeks, months, or even
years to produce flowers and fruit. Also, Fresh, clean air and healthy soil
helps with the plant growth. Harmful air caused by smoke, gases, and other
pollutants can be harmful to plants, limiting their ability to take in carbon
dioxide from the air for making food or other nutrients. Also, co2 is vital for
plant growth. It can also block out sunlight, and that is necessary for healthy
plant growth.

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Also, the temperature is also a very important and vital
to growing plants. Most plants prefer colder nighttime temperatures and warmer
daytime temperatures, but it also depends on the type of plant. Too hot and
they will burn and dry, too cold and they will freeze and would also dry up. Also,
space is another factor to consider when growing plants. The roots and leaves
need room to grow. With little room or just not enough room, plants can become
stunted or too small and small plants wouldn’t be good to help with feeding
people. Overcrowded plants are also more likely to suffer from diseases since
airflow may be limited just the same way humans are when they are crowed
diseases spread.

Just like humans and animals, plants need both water and
nutrients to survive. Almost all plants use water to carry moisture and
nutrients back and forth between the roots and leaves. Water as well as some nutrients are normally taken up through
the roots from the soil or through the leaves from a process called respiration.
That’s why it’s important to water plants when the soil becomes dry. Plants
also need sunlight to grow. Light is used as energy for making food, a process
called photosynthesis(C6H12O6). Little light can make plants weak and baggy looking.
They will also have fewer flowers, fruits, and leaves which would not be good
for giving to those that are hungry.

Plants grow kind of the same way as everything else does
they drink water and consume food except they make their own food and depend on
nature to give them water.

several approaches to Electro culture include: antennas, static electricity,
direct and alternating current, magnetism, radio frequencies, monochrome and intermittent
lighting, and sound, but I will be simply being 2 copper rods and a 12v battery
charger with the parental guidance of the project.

While we
understand that plants need all the known conditions such as sufficient
sunlight, air, water, and nutrients to grow, the presence of an electric
current help to enhance plant growth. However, if the other conditions are not
present or very little of it , the presence of an electric field will not make
a difference. The addition of electricity, magnetism, monochrome and  lightcan help the growth of plants to. Electro
culture, can accelerate growth rates, increase yields, and improve crop production.
Electro-culture can help protect plants from diseases, insects, and more.
Farmers can grow improved crops in less time, with less work, and at a lower prices.

Electro culture
is the study of the effects of electricity and electric fields on the rate of
seed germination and plant growth. Electro culture will help me in this project
to determine if electricity is good for plants. Researchers beginning to find
evidence that plant growth can be enhanced by taking advantage of the sensitivity
of plant cells to electric currents.

       Studies have been made that
certain types of grass appear healthier after a thunderstorm and grass that
grows below an electric power cable generally look greener. But, these
observations have been disputed by people claiming that grass appear healthier
after a thunderstorm as they have been given a good wash by the falling rain.
As for the grass that grows under electric power cables, people allege that the
droppings from birds that sit on the power lines help fertilize the grass, but
these are both under the influence of electromagnetism and, so it could be the

In this
project I will be focusing on two parts of science electromagnetism and botany.
This will help the economy with new jobs to help watch the crops and it will
also help decrease world hunger.

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