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health benefits of rooibos tea rooibostea or most popularly known as red teais obtained from a plant that growsabundantly in the cederberg mountains ofSouth Africa it is perfect for anyonelooking for a refreshing drink withoutthe added calories with its naturallysweet flavor and nutritional benefitsthis type of herbal tea is definitelyworth trying so let’s get to know itsamazing health benefits one promoteshealthy digestion rooibos tea supportsthe digestive system in various waysthis include easing nausea relievingdiarrhea and stopping vomiting it alsohelps in fighting colitis and soothingan upset stomach faster to heart healthrooibos tea is good for heart health andit lowers cholesterol and blood pressureas well 3 relieves hypertension rooibostea helps prevent and relievehypertension it acts as a natural remedyby lowering the blood pressurehypertension most commonly known as highblood pressure happens when too muchblood is constraint against the arterywalls within the body this may lead tohealth issues including heart diseasefour powerful antioxidant rooibos tea isrich in powerful antioxidants itcontains high levels of organicchemicals and polyphenols known fortheir antioxidant propertiesantioxidants helps slow the agingprocess reverse the visible signs ofaging and fight inflammationit also helps protect us from chronicdisease like diabetes heart disease andcancer five calming effectsrooibos tea keeps your body’s cortisollevels or most commonly known as stresshormone low added to that it is alsocaffeine free 6 bone healthrooibos torich in fluoride calcium and manganesethat assist in maintaining strongerteeth and good bone structure byincreasing the availability of mineralsin your system the chances of developingconditions such as osteoporosis chronicjoint pain and arthritis are reducedmanganese on the other hand helpstimulates the enzymes required topbuild new bones and repair damage 7prevents diabetes complicationsrooibos tea is proven to be effective incombating oxidative stress that leads tois use and diabetic vascularcomplications how to prepare rooibos teaingredients 15 grams rooibos tea honeylemon juice preparation 1 place therooibos tea in a tea pot pour boilingwater over the tea then leave to standfor at least 5 minutesto strain the tea using a sieve into asecond tea pot then serve 3 add honeyand lemon juice for added sweetness andflavor

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