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Health Watch Lung Cancer  Figure 1.0  Source: Melissa Stoppler,2016Lung cancer is the number one cause to cancer deaths worldwide. Smoking is the leading cause to this deadly cancer. There are two different lung cancer types, small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer.(Stopper,2016) What is lung cancer? lung cancer is the rapid growth of cells that  either start off on one of the lungs or both of them. These cells do not grow into normal tissue. They grow and turn into tumors. This is called primary lung cancer while secondary lung cancer starts from somewhere else and reaches your lungs. These two types of cancers are not considered the same and are also treated differently.(n.a,2016)What are the symptoms? There are many different types of lung cancer, but the most common ones are: Chest pain Constant coughing Weight and appetite loss Coughing up blood.       According to some scientists from King college London, in the next thirty years, female lung cancer will increase thirty-five times faster than males. 90 percent of the causes of lung cancer are from smoking. When someone smokes, the smoke is inhaled into the lungs which damage tissues in the lungs. Although the lungs can repair them, continuous exposure is too much for the lungs to repair and will have permanent damage. Creature Quest Komodo Dragon Figure 2.0 source: Handley,2013 Scientific name:Varanus komodoensis The komodo dragon is a large species of lizard found in the indonesian islands. They are the largest living lizards in the world. They are famous for their long forked tongue that they use to taste and smell things that are far away. They are also famous for their massive size and flat heads. The name Komodo Dragon comes from rumours that a dragon-like creature lived on the indonesian island of Komodo. The average weight is 200 pounds and their height is 8-9 feet long. But they can go up to 10 feet. Their colors vary from blue to green to gray.(Alina Bradford,n.d)   Komodo Dragons are carnivores which means that they eat meat. They are very good in hunting. They can eat prey that are larger than then like deers, buffalos and humans as well. The komodo dragon has a special way of finding, killing and eating its prey. The first thing it does is it charges toward them and hauls them off their feet using their humongous feet, then they will rip them to shreds with their serrated teeth.If their prey happens to run away, the bite from the Komodo Dragon will kill the prey in 24 hours due to its bite having vicious bacteria.  Career Connection   Pharmacist Figure 3.0 What is a pharmacist? A pharmacist is someone who usually works in a pharmacy dispensing chemicals and medication. There are different types of different pharmacists whose specific jobs are different. For example, there is a retail pharmacist,nuclear pharmacist and clinical pharmacists. A retail pharmacist job is to dispense medicine in the drug area in the grocery store, while a nuclear pharmacist job is to dispense radioactive materials for use in nuclear medicine procedures.(2017, Santiago)   What are the education requirements? first you must take high school courses that are needed like Math, Biology, Chemistry English and many more. After that, you must enter an undergraduate program and gain a bachelor’s degree  of science. Then, you must enter a doctoral program where you earn a  pharmD. After this, you need experience. So you enter a pharmacist residency where you learn under an experienced pharmacist for about 3 years. All this will take about eight to eleven years.  This career takes some commitment and hard work to achieve but it is very satisfying when it comes to the wage. The average annual salary for a pharmacist in canada is 92,000 before tax. What skills should a pharmacist have? Observation skills are needed and is very necessary for this job, the primary goal for a pharmacist is to place medicine with quick pace.                    ( 2014, Hommes)  Excellent customer service is also a priority.       Our Environment Figure 4.0 Source: Kathleen Hall, 2017What Is air pollution? Air pollution is the presence of chemicals and compounds in the air up to the point where it becomes hazardous to the health. What is the government doing about it? The government has recognized what pollution is doing to the Canadians health and the earth. So the government took it upon itself to take action and do something. The government are changing their source of energy from fossil fuels (which causes air pollution) to hydropower and wind power. They are also trying to inform canadians to stop wasting energy. It is often seen in ads or commercials where the government is telling citizens to turn off lights or their taps after  Use. (2016, Admin)                          Technology  Update Figure 6.0 (N.A, 2017)Breaking news! A team of researchers from University college London and Queen Mary University of London have come up with a new ultrasound optical needle that can image heart tissue in real time during keyhole procedures. This outstanding new device has already been used on animals such as pigs, giving a high resolution view of soft tissues.( 2017, Dubay) Dr. Malcolm Finlay,the study co-lead, describes this game-changing new technology. “The optical ultrasound needle is perfect for procedures where there is a small tissue target that is hard to see during keyhole surgery using current methods and missing it could have disastrous consequences. We now have real-time imaging that allows us to differentiate between tissues at a remarkable depth, helping to guide the highest risk moments of these procedures. This will reduce the chances of complications occurring during routine but skilled procedures such as ablation procedures in the heart. The technology has been designed to be completely compatible with MRI and other current methods, so it could also be used during brain or fetal surgery, or with guiding epidural needles.”(2017, Miley)      How it is made. The Television Figure 5.0 (Lee Distad, 2017) Production: For a long time the TV involved analog signals. The signal is made through radio-waves that are changed into sound and pictures. You can watch TV over the air, through cable or satellite. (Wilson,2000) The Television is made up of a lot of parts including the audio-reception, speaker system, picture tube, computer chips, tv remote and many more. Most of the television housing are made of plastic through the process of injection molding. The Television picture tube is made of precision glass which is shaped to have a slight curve. As with all precision devices, quality control for the manufacture of the  television is an important process. Inspections, laboratory testing, and field testing are performed during the development of prototypes and throughout manufacture so the resulting television is not only technologically sound but safe for use in homes and businesses. Distribution: The TV has taken over and is now one of the most owned devices. 28 percent Americans own more than one TV ste while 17 percent own at least one. And a whooping 46 percent can receive an HD signal. Consumption: Children between age 2 and eleven watch about 24 hours of tv per week. While adults between 30 and 50 watch more than 33 hours per week! This mean the average American watches about five hours per day. Disposal: Most people will rather sell or give away their TV than disposing it. But in an exception, a TV is able to be recycled.  Just call your waste disposal company and they should find a recycling site.Figure 7.0 (N.D, IMDB)The day after tomorrow is an American science fiction movie made in 2004. The movie was produced by Roland Emmerich. The movie is based on a guy named Jack Hall who has predicted world disasters due to climate change but no-one believed him. Meanwhile, his son is away at New York for an event and when Jack Hall realizes his son is in danger, he goes through desperate measures to get him. In terms of realism, it’s not very convincing, it is a science fiction movie after all. In one of the scenes,there were six tornadoes. not only in the same city (Los Angeles) but also in the same area where they were all in sight at the same time. Realistically, this absolutely impossible. Forget six two tornadoes in one city is very rare. Not only that but the consequences of the tornadoes are also very unlikely. You could see many cars in the air falling down from the air.. The way people reacted to the movie was also astonishing. People were taking pictures of the tornadoes when in real life they would be running for their lives. A great example is  the boxing day tsunami in 2004. Were people taking pictures of the disaster? The answer is no. people were running for their lives.

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