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He asked where the worthy students have learned this.
He will see how great the power those happy words will be.
He suddenly has exposed the plot so the republic will not be suppressed.
Let the men be silent for the remaining three are driven out so they don’t have a similar occasions.
He was harsh he could not understand the benefits of his wife. 
The others did not know how sharp  their daughter’s mind was.
VII. The leader will finally recognize why the strong soldier has avoided us.
VIII. I recogniz why the clear acts are not easy indeed.
Some authors were naming the strongest remedy of bad weapons.
Let us dedicate the weapons for the dead men so they will not lack honor.
With the leader’s fate Romulus and Remus founded Rome, and the walls of the city quickly rose after Remus had been killed.
XII. Dic mehi patria in libertatem inveniatur.
XIII.Nescivimus denique ferrum ubi positum esset.
XIV. Comprehendit prima verba quem non libelli sideribus scripcerunt.
XV. Rogaverunt ceteri non discere posses quod egissent.
XVI. Omnes nunc res meliora rogent pecunia imperio eorum animos feliciores sint.

1. Now that so much evil is against the republic laws have been proclaimed.
 2. Immediately let’s say how liberty to you is sweet.
 3. They never withdrawn from the city and he was now asking why.
 4. I know now what love is.
 5. Let us see either of the forms which can write in the middle of.
 6. Many heisted for what was best.
 7. Let me expose the beginning of nature and nourish all of the things.
 8. It nice to see which one of the bad things you are deprived of.
 9. I have re-read the Trojan war, who author says what’s beautiful, bad, useful.
10. Ask a skilled man which by reason you can make life’s course whether teaching virtue or nature what diminish anxieties and makes a friend.
11. However those men ask only what you have and not why.
12. He is making a mistake who searches for loves end when true love hast none.
13. The time that I depart is now, so I drink hemlock, and you depart so you can pass your life. However the immortal gods know which is better, I believe no human indeed knows.

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You place good dishes but you conceal dishes.
It’s ridiculous can I have good dishes.

Finally let it be written of what each person thinks of the republic. The republic has been rescued by labor and wisdom from swords and fire. I now explain how these things briefly so you will know what reason has been understood. I always have foreseen what could be salvaged. I spend days so I could see what the conspirators done. At last I had intercepted a letter that had been sent to Catiline and Lentulus from some of the conspirators. Then with the conspirators having been captured and the senate being called together I strived the senate, I exhibited the letter to Lentulus, I had asked whether he recognized it. He said he recognized it but he first hesitated and denied that he was responsible for these things.
However he soon exhibited the large power of conscience for he suddenly softened told me everything. The rest of the conspirators secretly were glancing at each other so they are not accused but they are seen to accuse.

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