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Hawk (2015), pointed out that the school’s most important promotional tool is its reputation to students. Like Stribbell and Prevot, Hawk also believes that the effective way to promote the school is to attract the students on what the school can offer and on how the school differs from other schools. He stated that schools should and need to contend for students. Hawk highlighted that there are attracted student who will apply to schools and are accepted but then chooses to go enroll to other schools. He clearly emphasized that promotional strategies are not always effective even to schools that have high reputations. He also said that there are still quite a lot of students who are fit to be in their schools but wouldn’t even mind be applying to the well-reputed school. Thus, promotional strategies of schools, even schools who are well-established, can sometimes be not that of a help in increasing its student population.


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            According to Constante (2015), they promoted the education of Philippine history, culture, values, and faith in promoting their school, Filipino Cultural School. Constante clearly pointed out that students would study in their school (even to their summer schools) just to avoid summer vacations and just for them to know more about the Philippines. This way of promoting the country’s core cultures proved to be a great strategy to garner more students in schools.

            Flores (2014) highlighted the statement of Secretary Armin Luistro which states that schools should promote peace to the students for   education is important to the process of peace.  Like Constante, Flores suggests to focus on the values so that people will be attracted to the school because it shows good morals that the students may also acquire.  Flores also added what Luistro said that if the student’s learning process is disrupted, then students are heavily affected. In the article, Luistro also elaborated that schools, even before peace processes, put “zone of peace” banners to support the process and that schools should remain that way. With this information, we can thus say that in promoting schools, we should also consider the fact that the education of students should be in utmost safety, for it will be a hindrance for students to be participative in schools that can eventually affect the whole student population.

B. Salvador (2014) as cited by author R. De mesa (2014) stated that a tip to build relationships. “Walang taong yumaman ng walang network (No one accumulates wealth without building a reliable network),” he said. He said that even the first telephone conversation with a client is already considered marketing, how you talk to a client will already make or break a deal. This tells that if you have good relationships with the parents or guardians, you will gain their trust. When you gain their trust, they will commend their children to the school and in the upcoming school years. “A crew with smiles and good service is a good form of marketing” he said.

The reality is that many schools have blind spots. They identify the same target market as everyone else in their neighborhood when there are bigger unserved and underserved markets available waiting to be tapped (known as having a market-driving strategy). He is suggesting other schools to reposition themselves as a pro-working students school that opens classes only from Monday to Thursday so that they can work on weekends and help their families. This is a very innovative way to persuade other children to pursue their studies. (J. Go., 2013) 

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