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Havinglived and grown up in Bangladesh, I have seen how diseases like Cholera andDiarrhea become an epidemic and how men, women and children suffer because ofit. That is why for the past six years, I have maintained a conceptualcontinuity in my academic and professional careers. Indeed, I have committedmyself to aiding the community and in my education to the sciences,particularly Biological Science.Ihave reached a point in my academic career where I am eager to engage inresearch in genetic information of living things. Given the experiences that Ihave had with Computing and Microbiology, I am very interested in biology andbioinformatics.

As a relative young area, the area of bioinformatics offers a wealthof research opportunities.Inthe modern technologically advanced era where computer and Internet have playeda great role in bridging the people and organizations through informationsharing, it has become possible to capture world market, economy, trade,commerce, and business opportunities. In this context the program ofbioinformatics can be regarded as an investment in the future for producingfertile mind that would be able to cope with the future challenges. Hence,there is a great need for experts in bioinformatics not only at lower levelsbut at the University level as well.

Furthermore, the knowledge ofbioinformatics can be successfully deployed for establishing business,commerce, cultural, and industrial ties among countries. A graduate Masterdegree in this field will certainly provide me the caliber to cope with thesechallenges and to work for the betterment of my country in particular and theworld in general. That is why, Carleton University is my sole choice forfurther education and the Biology program here, has struck me as well staffed,giving ample opportunity for research into ecology and environmental issues andeffective contact with professors. Additionally, access to ongoing facultyresearch and labs, plus seminars of cutting-edge research and theory isexcellent.

This sort of exposure and hands-on research is exactly what I needto be effective in my career that I want to have, and will make my transitionto professional work, effortless.Iwould like to take this opportunity to express that my current academic scoreis not an accurate reflection of the seriousness with which I am nowapproaching my academic career. In honest truth, I feel that this past year hasseen a great deal of my personal growth and maturity as a student and buddingscientist.Asfar as my professional and individual qualities are concerned, I have verydynamic personality. I can work persistently for a very long time unless I copewith the problems and find the solutions. Once I set the goals, I believe inthe “do or die” concept to accomplish them. Another quality andpotential of mine is that I never disappoint no matter how tough and stringentconditions I face.

Persistency, consistency, continuity, optimism, positivity,the ability to focus, setting strategies and rushing towards theiraccomplishments are the traits of my personality that I think are my realweapons to be an excellent researcher and I am pretty much hopeful that I wouldbe if I am given a chance in this University.Adegree from this prestigious institution will provide me avant-garde researchfacilities, and a multicultural student community life. Through an academicrelationship with Carleton’s Department of Biology, and a graduate degree, Iwill be fully equipped to achieve my goals and fulfill my dreams.

No otherfield has nor ever could bring me the same level of personal or professionalsatisfaction and will be the vehicle by which I contribute to society and thefuture of our fragile ecosystems.Withall of my personal abilities and great zeal for research, I strongly believethat I will be able to make fundamental contribution in the ?eld of Biology andBioinformatics. I hope best that the MS Program in Biology Will provide me agreat foundation. Therefore, I am looking forward to hear positive from you.

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