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Having recently pursued the study of International
Marketing at BI Norwegian Business School, and with an ambition of pursuing an
excellent marketing master’s program, has led me to apply to Oxford Brookes
University. I believe that the master’s programme in Digital Marketing offered
at Oxford Brookes University offers the most comprehensive introduction to the
study of Digital Marketing. Having studied for
Inbound Marketing Certificate, I realised that digital marketing is the right
course for me. I am convinced that the programme will be a perfect ground to establish
the next step of my professional career. 


Having researched a number of courses in the UK, it is the focus on the new development, such as
digital and social media, combined with an in-depth focus on the analytics of
marketing that has convinced me that this is the right course for me. The option to do a client project or a placement
project instead of a dissertation, combined with an excellent reputation in teaching
business has reassured me that Oxford Brookes is the right place to get
advanced practical and theoretical skills.

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My degree in International Marketing offers me solid understanding
in international marketing management, including an excellent overview of the
broader field of Business. Having had the experience of living and studying
abroad in multiple countries, I have gained an international perspective in
business. I feel that I can use these
experiences to adopt an international approach to marketing throughout
postgraduate study. My ambition to study in the UK is to further enhance my
language skills. Studying in the UK presents certain
challenges for non-native speakers of English. My track records demonstrate
that I have obtained the necessary language and study skills to overcome these challenges.


However, having studied abroad at University of
Mannheim, I learned that other skills are also required, in order to complete
successful projects. Class assignments and group projects helped me gain lots
of experiences in teamwork, but also enhance my skills in communication. Learning
to work with others and share skills and ideas are essential to provide
effective marketing solution. During my year at University of Mannheim, I had
the possibilities to take courses on master’s level. Valued – based marketing
and Interactive marketing were two of my favourite courses during my marketing
lectures. It was challenging, but it helped me to master my analytical method
and critical thinking. I applied all of my skills to conduct a market research for
a Norwegian company within the German Market. The theses received great result
and through my research I gain lots of knowledge of German Business Culture and
Food and Beverage Industry. I believe that my skills and knowledge will be
useful throughout my postgraduate study.


Before moving to Norway, I spent much of my
earlier childhood living in Thailand. Having exposure to such a different
culture at an early age, I sparked an interest in communication and how
information is shared. I also have an interest on any opportunity to get a
broader view on International Business.


Having gained awareness of the key position that
Marketing plays in the performance of any business and how the technology have
changed consumer behaviour, I believe that I fit the profile of the ideal
applicant for this course. I am ambitious, motivated to learn and convinced
that this programme is the right stepping-stone for my professional career.


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