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a hostile administration is troubling for everyone. Many individuals have
expressed the discontent of this current administration and their policy’s that
they have proposed and the ones that they have applied in this past year. Many
individuals that live in the United States have been discriminated, stereotyped
and even been targeted by hate groups. This has affected how other nations view
us as a society. One of the main reasons being the President of The United
States (POTUS) speaks without prior knowledge or advice from other

ones who face the majority of problems are Mexicans more specifically
immigrants   from Mexico to the United States. Being in a
border city we hear a lot about immigration and new policies that this
administration wants to set in place in the near future. El Paso, TX being a
border city it has been named number two of Americas safest cities in 2017. According
to an article published by El Paso 411. Meanwhile, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico has
been on the top 50 list of the World deadliest cities according to Business

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            These two cities being polar
opposite has set a primary example that the wall being proposed will be
unnecessary. Many factors come into play when people migrate from Mexico to the
USA. One example being Ciudad Juarez, having been classified a one of the most
dangerous cities due to the drug cartel with a death toll of 43.63 homicides
per 100,000 as of April, 2017.  Many
individuals seek refuge in the states and choose to do it legally or illegally.
Many of these families affected by the violence have no choice, but to leave
their homes because of the cartels and the Mexican government being so corrupt
they really don’t help. With a new proposition of the wall that our current POTUS
has said its to stop immigration and drug trafficking.

            The new wall would cause multiple
problems for the people, and the animals surrounding the current border, as
well as it will face multiple natural challenges to make this wall plausible. In
El Paso, TX we have the Rio Grande as a natural border between the United
States and Mexico. While the current border fence is feet from the actual
river, because the river has changed courses and depth in the past. The wall
would also have to go through various of rough terrain.

While those factors limit the creation of the wall. If the administration
continues its plans to build the wall. The main ones being affected will be the
animal kingdom that is in the desert. Many animals cross the current border
during matting season. With these paths being blocked off to them by the wall
the it will cause the current animal kingdom to become unhinged. Causing an
overpopulation of a certain spices to take over the land in either causing vegetation
to over grow or causing vegetation to simply just die.

All in all, the current administration has to see the current factors
based on what is happening right now. The wall can’t be placed because it will
cause a bigger disturbance in the ecosystem. It will have many challenges that
the administration won’t be able to solve. Lastly, they need to understand the
society we live in. The administration and the POTUS are creating a hostile
environment for future generations. 

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