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Have you ever seen the price of littering in Washington DC?Well I have.

It’s only 75$.stuff like clogging waterways killing the environment and killing fish are some of the consequences This writing is why the consequence of littering in DC should be higher.Now first things litter can clog waterways.

And if any water gets by it will most likely have toxins in it.And if enough is not filtered than if you get enough in your system you might risk dieing.In addition you don’t know the history of the trash.the trash could have illnesses,diseases,And more.The article Sinsing claims,¨Discarding plastic products, including shopping sacks rapidly fills up landfills and clogs drains.” This goes to show that if we litter to much than we might not get very clean water any more.

My second piece of evidence is that small animals in the ocean might get stuck in products that they can enter.If a fish gets stuck in something is will eventually starve.And if to many fish are dying then we will have a shortage in fish.this would cause a shortage of food and starving us humans.the trash could also get in its gills and suffocate thus ding.Fish could also get sick from all the pollutants in the water.

My third and final reason on why we should raise the price of littering in washington is that the toxins of the trash in the ground will release toxins into dirt and grass will suck up the other foods. And if there is toxins in the grass the animal then eat the intoxicated grass and get sick and die thann we will have to rely on other food.  less and less food than their will be less and less of us.You may say well what if there’s no trash can well you can bring a plastic bag. Or it’s to heavy well you can bring a backpack. You may also say I don’t have one well you can just hold it until there is a trash can to be disposed.These were my reasons on why we should raise the price of littering in Washington DC remember if everyone liters than we won’t have this planet anymore.And if no planet than we all DIE.And if we all DIE than who will make the human race go on!!!

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