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Have you ever wondered about life as a royal? Have you ever wondered about the behind the scenes on the drama? Specifically about Princess Diana? Just in her marriage, there was drama and throughout her lifetime there were good and bad times. Princess Diana was well known for her charities and how she connected with the people. Her life was almost a fairytale without a but, happy ending. It all began in Sandringham, the United Kingdom at the Park House where she was born on July 1 1961. The Park House was neighboring the Queen’s Sandringham estate. Her mother is Hon. Frances Spencer and her father is John the eighth Earl Spencer.

She had three siblings, two older sisters named Sarah and Jane along with a younger brother named Charles who would become the heir to the Spencer thrown. She had a grandmother named Ruth, Lady Fermoy who was very close to as well as lady in waiting to Queen Elizabeth ll ( British Royals ). The Princess had always dreamed of a united family and home after her parents split when she was eight or nine. Her mother took her and her brother to live in an apartment in London’s Knightsbridge(British Royals). She had been taught from home until she moved (Princess Diana). The Princess went to a boarding school in Riddlesworth Hall in Norfolk until she was 12. At age 16, she failed all her O-levels and dropped out. She packed all her things and tried a finishing school in Switzerland where she would meet her Prince Charles who was dating her oldest sister Lady Sarah.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles dated for a little more than six months. They were married in 1981 on February 24th. She had her first son Prince William Arthur Philip Louis on July 21st, 1982. They had a second son on September 15th, 1984 named Prince Henry Charles Albert David or better known as Prince Harry. Soon after the birth of her second son she pursued her own interests as in charities. She visited Angola which led to a campaign to ban landmines. She also went to and India she visited a leprosy hospital to lower the stigma around the disease.

On August 28th, 1996 the Prince and Princess were divorced. After the divorce she stayed very much if not more devoted to her kids and charities. She was still a very popular subject and was still followed by paparazzi. Diana lost her royal title but stayed in her apartment at the Kensington Palace.

She was still allowed to use things such as the private jet as long as she asked the queen. She stayed a member of the royal family because of her mother being a third lady in waiting.After the divorce she publicly dated two men, one was heart surgeon Hasnat Khan. Later she was with Dodi Fayed. The Fayed and Diana dated for a little over six months. “Dodi Fayed a wealthy background and was married once before and then also divorced” (The Sun). Fayed was known more as a “playboy”.

On a trip to France, Diana and Fayed stayed in a suite before they flew back to London the next morning. When they left that next morning they were closely followed by paparazzi. On August 1st, 1997 they crashed into a bridge killing Fayed ,and the driver at the scene. It was said that their bodyguard survived barley harmed.

¨Diana succumbed to her injuries at a Paris hospital¨. Her oldest son William was around fifteen at the time, and the younger son Henry was around twelve. Everyone from all over the world was shook. Her funeral was September 6th. Thousands of people joined together on the streets, while, ¨An estimated 2.5 million people turned on the television to watch the ceremony¨.

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