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you ever imagined yourself being tortured at such a young age? Do you think you
are able to face that situation? We should be grateful as we are not one of
those who are suffering abuse in such a young age, living with full of
scariness and darkness which is totally contrasted with us, who are enjoying
our life with family and friends. When we talked about child abuse, it is not
only being done by an outsider but also the parents itself. The victim of the
violence included both girl and boy. According to Thompson (2011), the number
of men faced physical violence is more than women during their childhood.
Violence is on rampant as people are still ignorant regarding this matter. Child
abuse is a serious crime as it can affect the mental, physical and
physiological of the victim.

towards children is mostly targeting physically, resulting the victims having
physical injuries. According to Spinger (2007), violence towards children is
declared to cause serious illness and several particular medical diagnoses or
signs on the physical. The acts of violence such as slapping, kicking or
punching might cause the children have minor injuries like bruises or cuts.
However, kids with low endurance may face the consequences worse. Attack by
using additional tools can also give bigger impact towards the children. For
instance, the victims might undergo broken bones, severe internal bleeding,
disability or death. According to Dykes (1986), victims among children are
risked of having brain damage due to physical maltreatment. The effects can be
temporary, but some cases can also make the pain last for a long time. This can
be seen when the victims suffer abnormality or disability due to severe damages
to their brain or internal system. In general, physical effects caused by
violent actions can result in long-term and short-term effects that affect a
child’s growth and future well-being.

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