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handedly created a wellness program for a company with over sixty employees. Combining wellness initiatives and an environment that supported individuals to make healthy behavior changes, enabled employees to use the wellness program as a support system in living a healthy lifestyle. From creating quick and easy recipes with wholesome foods to weekend challenges that motivated individuals outside of the workplace, employees saw the positive effects through my guidance and expertise. These teaching moments provided me with growth as an educator that made me more confident as a public speaker and facilitator. Currently, as a Public Health Educator, I work with a variety of individuals with different backgrounds and ages developing programs that promote disease awareness and employ strategies to improve the health of communities. I see growth in those that I serve everyday through teaching children how to garden to offering programs showing parents how to pack nutritious school lunches and afterschool snacks. (trying to add more here about employee wellness within the HD and county employees ex. Month long nutrition program and healthy employee lunches)Strengthened by these experiences, I am positive that the Wellness Workdays Dietetic Internship will allow me to excel in the next chapter of my career.  Ideally, I want to work as a work-site wellness dietitian within a growing company and implement new strategies to reduce the costs of healthcare. The worksite wellness emphasis, along with the countless opportunities within my rotations, will expose me to the diverse array of experiences I need to grow and succeed as a future dietitian. Furthermore, the WWDI will provide me with the skills I need to reach my long-term goal of leveraging worksite wellness relationships across the Middle Tennessee region to tangibly impact the health and wellness of the community as a whole.

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