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Half of the infrastructure required in
order to generate energy from nuclear fission is now built. Bernard Bigot, the
director-general of the Iter project. This completion of this infrastructure means
that power will be able to be produced at this degree by the end of 2025. Iter,
International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, is formed in order to
replicate the sun. The sun generates enough energy to power the Earth many
times over so physicists have been trying to find a way to replicate this
overachieving generator. Physicists have uncovered such power but they have not
been able to copy the conditions for the reactions to occur so the energy is
controlled and useful on Earth. The Iter project plans to use hydrogen fusion
to produce an abundance of heat energy which would drive turbines to produce electricity.

However, one extreme condition required by the project is temperatures of
millions of degrees. They found a solution to this problem by making “a doughnut-shaped
reactor called a tokamak would be surrounded by giant magnets that take the
superheated plasma away from the metal walls of the container” (The Guardian). If
It is successful, 500MW of power will be produced allowing physicists to study “a
self-heating plasma”.

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            The author, Fiona Harvey, wrote this
article to make the public aware of the advancement of technology and physics
in order to provide energy to Earth that replicates that of the sun. Physicists
have never studied and analyzed “a self-heating plasma” because they have never
been able to gather enough power to do so, but now they have that possibility of
Iter is a success. Harvey wanted for us to be aware of this because it is a momentous
for the public to know what is going on in their world and that there is hope
for a major source of clean power by 2025. I learned about how clean power is
free from voltage interruptions leading to major health benefits for the
public. Clean power will also make the air quality better and lessen the carbon
dioxide and other pollutants in the atmosphere. Thus, the Iter will not only
provide us with an abundance of energy to use but also improve air quality
helping human health. 

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