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Swift gives an informative speech about how Facebook effects college students
and their work ethic, I have reasons to think she did successfully connect with
her audience and reasons to think she did not successfully connect with her
audience. Hailey Swift is engaging, she makes very good eye contact with the
camera throughout her speech, which makes her more likeable and keeps the audience
engaged with her throughout the speech. She changes the tones of her voice and
makes herself sound friendly and eager to share her research on the topic she
has chosen for her informative speech. This increases her likeability because
it makes her seem like she is educated and interested about the topic of her
speech, and this will make the audience pay more attention to the details. Although,
Hailey does tend to mess up and stutter some of the words throughout her speech.
Hailey could have practiced giving the speech a couple more times before she
recorded it to seem even more well prepared and confident towards the audience
so she could connect with them better. Hailey makes statements that are relatable,
and when the audience relates to a speech, they will most likely pay better
attention and like the speaker more. Hailey also demonstrates several examples
of stylistic similarities. From the beginning of her speech until the end, she
is holding a paper that has her speech written or typed on it. When you see
speakers or lecturers, they almost always have this as well.  Having something to hold, like the piece of
paper Hailey is holding, and reading off of it occasionally demonstrates how
you are organized and have prepared for the speech you are giving to the
audience, which strengthens your connection to them. This could also be a way
of increasing her likeability because you know she is not just winging it and
cares about the speech she is giving. Making eye contact is also a stylistic
similarity, most speakers make eye contact with their audience, it helps them
become more engaged. Hailey also uses data, research and studies to support the
topic of her informative speech. This is a stylistic similarity because
speakers almost always use evidence to support the claim of their speech-
especially when it is an informative speech., a speech to inform the audience
about the topic, which in this case is Facebook and college students. This
strengthens her connection to the audience because when people hear factual
evidence, it makes the claim more believable and legit. One stylistic similarity
that is different from other speakers is her appearance. She is dressed in a t-
shirt and running shorts. For presentations, speakers usually have on something
more professional, like jeans and a shirt or leggings and a shirt. The audience
may have had a stronger connection if she had dressed more professional. Another
stylistic similarity she defies is recording her speech in her bedroom. This
may be a distraction for some members of the audience. If Hailey had recorded
it with a blank wall behind her, the audience would have been able to pay better
attention with no distractions, resulting in a stronger connection to her and
her speech. Hailey does a very strong job with creating similarities between
her and the audience. Having things in common will end in having a better connection
with her audience. Hailey talks about Facebook and how most college students
are wondering what’s going on and what their friends are up to, we all can
relate to that, refreshing our pages to see if something new and exciting pops
up. This is called a substantive similarity. Another substantive similarity is
when Hailey mentions how self- esteem is effected by Facebook. People are
always jealous of other people’s lives, their appearances or even their clothes,
and most people can relate to that, especially other college students. This
strengthens her connection with the audience because when someone is easy to relate
to, you feel more of a connection to them. After reviewing Hailey Swift’s
speech, I have noticed there are more connections to her audience then not. I do
think Hailey Swift successfully connected to her audience throughout her speech
on Facebook and college students.

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