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Guinea is also one in all the foremost fascinating places you’ll ever see on earth. it’s full of every kind of undiscovered wonders, from its dry rainforests to various life, breathless mountains and vivacious culture. The country is home to several attention-grabbing attractions other than the natural paradise of its rural area. The capital is home to historic structures, a cathedral and a grand masjid. The Fouta Djalon tableland may be a haven for nature-tripping and discovering past treasures. Ravaged by outbreaks of haemorrhagic fever and spell when spell of political upheaval alike within the last one hundred years, very little Guinea (the nation is regarding a similar size because the UK) has definitely had its fair proportion of troubles. But somehow that’s didn’t diminish the determination and smiles of the locals here, UN agency still look with pride upon their wild and roadless country jointly of the important jewels of geographical region. And whereas FCO warnings carry, travelers UN agency do like better to build their thanks to this frontier of the continent ought to still be as careful as may be as they weave between the primaeval rainforests and endless undulations of the nice Fouta Djallon; as they remove into the sprawling markets of abuzz Konakri (the capital), or case out the lonely beaches of the northern shores. Promising each journey and isolation, this huge block on the sting of the Atlantic remains a world apart, unknown and really, really beautiful! ConakryThe Guinean capital of Konakri is actually a vivacious town to explore. Not solely is it the middle for the native economy, however it conjointly boasts a decent mixture of attention-grabbing attractions just like the facility and also the Guinea National depository, wherever cultural and historical artifacts square measure on show. The Konakri Grand masjid is one in all the best items of design within the town, along side the cathedral. The native market may be a must-see for travelers wanting to buy, whereas people who would like to expertise the native nightlife will head to the Taouyah neighborhood, wherever spirited clubs and an outsized native market may be found. Pulsating to terribly African rhythms with its patchwork of markets (just look into the colorful veg in Madina bazaar), brew bars and Malinke music dives, Konakri is everything you’d expect of a capital representing one in all West Africa’s most haphazard nations. Coups and counter coups have unfolded  (often bloodily) between its streets over the decades, and within the heart of the city still stands the haunting remnants of Camp Boiro, wherever political prisoners were tortured throughout the upheavals underneath President Sékou Touré. However, pretty and necessary sights like St. Mary’s Cathedral and also the National depository of Guinea act to balance all that out currently.

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