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“Guess what, guess what, guess what,” I shouted. I just saw Dai get out of his car, and I can’t wait to tell him about my big discovery. He’s gonna be so excited!”This better not be another demonstration of your dancing, because I still have that bruise on my stomach. If it is, I’m leaving.” Of course Dai would be worried. This is so new, and it’s gonna be such a shock.”No, no, it’s nothing like that, honest.” I have to be convincing, or Dai will back out. He can be really moody sometimes. It’s even more noticeable now. “If you say so, but I’m not letting my guard down just yet. I’m watching you.” I like when Dai does stuff like that. I like when he sort of expresses his thoughts, but also at the same time, is just joking.”Okay, okay, Skeptical Incarnate.” I always have to joke around back when I’m talking to Dai. If I don’t, Dai won’t be as comfortable around me, that’s how I get told a lot of his secrets.”Anything can happen, you never know,” he said matter-of-factly.”Okay, whatever you say, Sunny.” I like calling him Sunny. It just seems like a good nickname for him.”Ugh, I told you not to call me that, it just doesn’t sound like me,” he whined.”It has personal meaning to me, so I’m gonna keep calling you it, no matter what you say, sorry.” I don’t want to be rude, but it’s just a nickname. It’s not like it’s gonna be put on a billboard for all to see.”You’re forgiven, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop protesting.” Again with the nerdiness. Honestly, it’s really refreshing. There are too many people who don’t give a darn about education these days.”Back to the now! You will never believe what happened to me! You know how we’re supposed to demonstrate how to mix the chemicals in science class, for our summer project?” The dreaded project.I like school, it’s actually great really. I have nice-ish teachers, the principal isn’t very strict, and there isn’t a lot of drama. Some would say it’s boring, but there are interesting aspects to it also.You just have to find something good and stick with it. It’s like a library. It looks very boring. Just a room with shelves and books. But, when you delve deeper, you find a ton of books that match your taste.There can be whole other universes in these “boring” old libraries. It’s fascinating.”The one we’re supposed to write an essay on?” I love how he can finish my sentences. Less work for me.”Yeah, that!” It normally takes me a long time to think of the word I was looking for, but when I’m around Dai, it’s like I always have a dictionary handy.”Okay, I’m listening.””This is gonna be a weird ride, so strap in!” Considering everything, I think I need to strap in.”I’m ready Val. I strapped grass to myself, let’s do this baby!” Yeah! The grass is really long here, so it works well. I don’t think anyone ever mows it.Okay, narrator voice time. “So, I went over to someone’s house the other day. You know, Bart?””The creepy one that’s always laughing in the corner?” Jeez, even imagining him gives me chills. You’ll just be answering a question, and then you hear ‘HAHAHAHA!’. I think everyone would be a little freaked out after that.”Yup, and can you guess what happened next? He -“”- got picked as your lab partner.” That right there is an example of Dai reading minds. Or, as he would say ‘looking at social patterns, and then predicting what they’re going to say based on that.’I have to say, he is a genius!”Sunny, you know I love when you act like you can read minds, but right now, I’m just not really feeling the wizard vibes.” I wanna have a serious conversation for once.I mean, this is serious stuff!”Aw man. And I told you to stop calling me Sunny!””And I told you that I wouldn’t! So, you can go slap your smackey-doodles in someone else’s face!” That’ll teach him!”You know, I can never understand why you end pointless arguments like that.” Of crapping course. You just have to speak my language. You want the handbook? Well, sorry, there isn’t one. “And you should know that I don’t care!””Nice comeback. Make sure to note that sarcasm there.” Noted!”Yeah, noted. Ugh, you know just how to annoy me.” There’s always that moment where you just want 10 seconds of peace, then you’ll be fine.”I know how to annoy everyone.” Wow, do you use that technique a lot then?”Oh no. Sound the alarms! Code white! Code white!” Code white, also known as God level Dai.”Not this again.” Oh, yes Dai. It is this again. Get ready for mental torture. Mwahaha.”The all knowing Dai is back. Welcome.””Can we just get back on topic? Please. Anything but your silly games.” Aww. I was ready for torture time.”I’ll reschedule. Another time then.””Finally! On with your story.””Exactly where it was, and starting, now! His house was a ginormous mess! We went down into his basement, which was the creepiest thing I’ve seen my whole life. I’m talking horror movie level crap.”Back with the narrator voice now. “He had all the chemicals spread out on the table.”It was horrible. Cockroaches fleeing across the floor when the door opened. Spider webs everywhere. Yes, I said spider webs, not cobwebs. It’d be better if they were just abandoned webs though. There were spiders everywhere. I think I even found Bart’s lost tarantula, Barty.”Build up?” The climax of the story is coming soon.”Build up.””Yes!” Storytelling is sort of our friend thing. It’s like two fans bonding over their love for a band, but we bond over stories instead.”I was thinking that ‘this might actually be decent’, but then, he started putting the wrong things in.”I heard a very loud gasp come from Dai.”You know how dangerous that is?” Why am I even asking this? Of course he does! Oh yeah, it was rhetorical, but of course he’s going to answer it.”Yeah, this crap’s getting crazy!””Oh, and we’re not even to the good part.””Ooh, I guess this is gonna be really good then.” Well yeah. All of my stories are great! You just have to add emphasis on the interesting parts, and make the boring parts sound really exciting.”I started telling him that he was doing it wrong, but he wasn’t listening. I mean, he was putting both of us in danger. It could’ve exploded any second!””I bet it won’t.” Dude, just stop, I’m trying to tell a decent story here.”Shut up, and stop guessing! Keep it to yourself.” That better set him straight. Wait, is Dai gay? Ha. That rhymed.I really don’t think I’ve ever asked, I’ll make that a mental note.”For now.” What? No, not happening. Ugh, it’s gonna happen whether I like it or not anyway.”So, as I was saying, he kept mixing them wrong, and it got really weird. The fumes had filled up the room, and I was getting light-headed. I think I might’ve blacked out for a few seconds.””As you should’ve. Isn’t there a door for a reason though?” Yeah, but that doesn’t matter in the story right now. Ughhh.”Just shut up, I’ll get to it.” I heard Dai sigh. I continued.”Apparently, Bart was not affected at all, because he kept mixing. How much mixing do you even have to do? I didn’t know the project ran that long.” I’m not that type of person to do their assignments right when they get them, so it’s a little weird for me to do it so quickly.”It doesn’t. It’s supposed to be five minutes at best. If you suck at it though, it’ll take a lot longer.” I suck at it, so it would’ve taken me more than five minutes.”Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure he had some sort of mask on. Eventually, I started getting all tingly. It felt so weird!”Can I ask questions yet?” Nope! Story’s not over yet. Only when I finish, can other people talk for a long amount of time.”No, not yet. I have no idea why I was still in the room. I guess I was just too distracted. Now, into the good stuff. I started levitating. I was so scared, I didn’t know what was happening.””WHAT,” he shrieked. Jeez, when your voice is a little deep, that sounds really weird.”Shush child, my story’s not over yet.””Okay, go on.” Dai, you think I’ll be fooled by that? Ha! Calm act? Come on! I know you better than anyone, yet you think that I’ll be fooled? Okay, I’ll play along.”Then my emotions got all screwed up. It was like nothing and everything all at once. Being mad but also being perfectly calm at the same time. I was sad, but I also felt really happy, like I could just burst!””Got it. Wait, whoops. Hold on.” He’s fidgeting, bad sign. Okay, so, he’s either nervous, or this is too much for him to process. Screw logic, I have powers! Probably the latter. I mean, why would he be nervous right now? Well, nervous of what could come. I’ll just pretend I didn’t see.”It was so crazy! As this was happening, I kept flying up higher and higher. I didn’t know if Bart felt it too, because he still seemed just as engrossed in his work, completely oblivious to me.” I think that worked, maybe.”That guy is crazy.” Woo! Mission accomplished!”How long was that assignment really? I know you told me it would be five minutes at best, but I’m talking average time here. I think he was just doing it really long. I don’t think that most of it was even part of the assignment to begin with.””How many chemicals were on the table?” Erm, 622,237,816,392. How am I supposed to remember that? Well . . . maybe fifteen.”Uhm, I think maybe around fifteen.””There was only supposed to be eight at most.” Wow, haven’t you already done the assignment? I’d just throw the information in a dark, dark corner.”Oh, wow. Finally, after maybe 10 minutes, I think, all the fumes cleared out, and I dropped to the floor. I told him I had to go, that something came up, and left. I know, I know, that was very cowardly, but I had to. I mean, how would you react if that happened to you?””I think just about everyone would do the same thing.” Yeah! Definitely!”Exactly!””Story almost done? I want question time.” I know, I know, but I’m not done. I really like my story time.”Close. I ran home, got my tape recorder, and went to the big field, the really secluded one. I started studying my “powers”, because of course I wanted to get them in check before anything bad happens, or I lose control.””Sounds logical enough to me.” Duh, I’m all logic. Sometimes.”I’m not like those people in the movies where they hold it off until something goes wonky. It’s just stupid.” Very, very, very stupid. Seriously, if you know something might go wrong, why not just train?”Very.””So, I started. Every time I found out something new, I recorded the note on my tape. I’m pretty coordinated with my flying now, and I have my pathokinesis pretty under control.””Ah! I’ve heard of that! It’s about manipulating something.” Every time. Nothing’s a surprise with this guy.”Oh, pathokinesis is me being able to manipulate emotions, and also detect them. You were close. And yes, I did my research. You thought I was doing this sloppily? Ha! I’m smarter than that.””You do realize that you just called yourself stupid, don’t you?” What? Oh. Ugh, this is why I don’t talk much to other people.”Yeah, now I do.””Good, past the denial stage.””Good one, Sunny.” Yeah, just great. Ha. Ha. Make sure to note the sarcasm. He makes the finger guns and clicks his tongue.”You know me.””There’s one catch though, sorry, I kinda need someone to test my powers on.””I’m down.” Wow. Just, wow.”What? Really? You’ll do it? Oh, thank you so much.””Who do you think I am? I’m always down for anything.” Yeah, I think he’s the crazy one.”Sorry I underestimated you. Wow.””There will be conditions though.””Yeah, yeah. I know the conditions.” There are conditions a lot. Things like, no injuring his face, well, that’s pretty much it. Just don’t hurt him.”Has Bart found out though?” Ha! Bart? Wow. He wouldn’t know how to make a connection if the directions were slapped in his face!”No, Bart does not know. He’s still very much oblivious.””Great. That makes things easier.” Yup, no memory wiping today. If only I could do that, that’d be really cool.”Now, where do we start?”

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