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Growing up in Sierra Leone, Ilearned at a tender age the importance of working hard to achieve success.Working hard is part of our daily life in my home. Obtaining my DNP from GeorgeMason University will help me achieve my dream of becoming an excellenthealthcare provider in Sierra Leone. My goal is to open a clinic with mychildhood friend where we can be able to provide care to the underprivilegedadult population. To also travel to the rural area to reach people especiallythe elderly population that cannot access healthcare due to lack of money orthe education for proper treatment. I know becoming an expert Gerontology NursePractitioner from George Mason University School of Nursing with BSN to DNPoption will not be an easy task, it will be very challenging but with a lifelong reward of my career.

I have witnessed numerousoccasion as a child where the patient died because of lack of funds. I haveseen doctors that will not provide service to patients because they don’t havethe money to pay for the service. You pay first at the counter before seeingthe doctor and that includes hospitals, clinics and private practices. Peopleexperienced the differences in seeking medical treatment in Sierra Leonebetween the rich and the poor. The health care system in Sierra Leone causesloss of life because the poor cannot afford medical treatment. The nationalhealth system of Sierra Leone demands payment for all treatment starting withsimple consultations. I remember as a child there was a nurse that providedtreatment to me and my family.

She did home visit to provide care for myfamily. It became apparent to me what I should do to help my community to helpclose the gap in medical treatment between the rich and the poor. Nursing is a secondcareer for me. I remembered the day I told my family my desire to pursuenursing as a career.

I met so much resistance. My father will not hear of it ashe wanted me to follow his footstep and taking over the family business ofaccounting and nursing was not a degree program in Sierra Leone. I thereforepursued my second degree in nursing after obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degreein managerial economics and business administration. My economics professor wasvery disappointed that I wanted to be a nurse.

His statement was that I willalways be a nurse no matter how educated I was. I explained to him I willrather be an excellent nurse and be happy providing care to my patients than tobe a successful but unhappy economist. I not only had to deal with my familyabout my nursing career I also had to deal with my friends. After obtaining mydegree in business and economics I had the full support of my family as I wasable to convince them.

I went through an accelerated program to obtain mybachelor’s degree in nursing. As the program was fast-track I had to relied onresearch and evidence-based practices in my clinical rotation and classroomwork. I felt like I was burning the candle at both ends as I had to take careof my family back home, myself a

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