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Group Assignment Prep Sheet

Motivation and Emotion

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Name: Bailey Stuart____________________________________________________        Group # ____6_____

Group assignment topic: Romantic &Sexual Atrraction_____________________________________________


The purpose of this sheet is to guide your reading of the
assigned articles to help you identify the most important aspects of the
readings.  I recommend reviewing this
sheet before you read to guide your careful reading of the assigned articles.  You must put everything in your own words, cite
your sources (including the assigned articles, the textbook, and lecture), and
include page numbers (or lecture dates) wherever possible.  You will lose points for quoting and
for not citing sources. Use the
information you learned in the plagiarism tutorial in this assignment and
throughout class!  If there are
multiple assigned readings, fill out a prep sheet for each reading.



APA-style reference (see the Purdue OWL for help:


This was a study done of advertisements place on lonely
hearts by men and women, ages 20-60. The study looked to find a positive correlation
between a person’s level of social desirability and a potential mate’s levels
of social desirability in the categories of: attractiveness, desired age,
financial security, sincerity, and desire for marriage (Harrison & Saeed,
1976). Results showed that there was a positive correlation between a person’s
level of social desirability and a potential mate’s levels of social


Major thesis or


“The present study was designed to test the matching hypothesis
by means of content analysis of lonely hearts advertisements. There were,
however, two additional interests. First, we were interested in how the kinds
of things that people offer dates and mates (revelations) and the kinds of
things that they require in return (stipulations) vary as a function of sex and
age. Second, we were interested in discovering if a public and easily accessible
data source, such as classified advertisements, contains sufficient information
to yield meaningful results.” (Harrison & Saeed, pg. 257)


Rationale for the
thesis or hypothesis:


The evidence to support this hypothesis comes in 4 parts. First,
there are similar characteristics of people who we choose as friends and as
mates. Of these characteristics, social desirability was a key similarity for a
match with both friends and partners. Secondly, it is common for a person to
date or mate with a person of the same physical attractiveness as their
partner. Third, there has been a correlation found among a person’s level of
one characteristic (i.e. income) and a characteristic of a potential partners (i.e.

attractiveness). Lastly, there was evidence found for unattractive females to
be sought out by men who had felt intellectually inferior, and attractive
females to be sought out by men who had felt intellectually superior (Harrison
& Saeed, pg. 257).


Summary of relevant
prior research & theory:


A study done by Berscheid, Dion, Walster, & Walster in
1971, five years previous to this study found that when someone chooses a
partner, whether it be dating or marital, the level of social desirability is
similar to the selector.

Kiesler & Baral (1970) found that men who felt
intellectually inferior selected less attractive women, and men who felt
intellectually superior, selected more attractive women.

Elder in 1969, found that one level of a characteristic high
for a partner, could lead to them seeking a person with a characteristic high
in a different category.

Altman & Taylor (1973), and Rubin (1973), presented the
idea of the exchange theory.

Berscheid, Dion, Walster, & Walster (1971) presented the
idea of the equity theory.




Two samples were taken, with the first being a preliminary
test and the second being the main test. The preliminary test was to solidify
the coding categories and scoring criteria used in the main study. The main
study contained 495 ads by women, and 592 ads by men. They were then
categorized by age: 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, and 50-59. They then randomly selected
100 ads in each category of age and sex (Harrison & Saeed, pg. 258). The
categories the study looked at were offers/seeks attractiveness, offers/seeks
financial security, offers/seeks sincerity, seeks photograph, seeks marriage,
and seeks older/younger partner (Harrison & Saeed, pg. 258-259).




The results showed that:

Men were less likely to “offer attractiveness,
seek financial security, and seek partners that were older than them” (Harrison
& Saeed, pg. 259), than women.

Women were less likely to “seek attractiveness,
offer financial security, and seek younger partners than them” (Harrison &
Saeed, pg. 259), than women.

The advertisements placed by women advertised
what men were seeking, and the ads posted by men were what women were seeking. (Harrison
& Saeed, pg. 259)

Woman rated higher in seeking sincerity, and men
were rated higher in interest in marriage. (Harrison & Saeed, pg. 259)

3 of 10 variables were age related. (Harrison
& Saeed, pg. 259)

The older the individual the more likely there
were to seek financial security. (Harrison & Saeed, pg. 259).

Women in the 20-29-year ranger were more likely
to express interest in an older partner. (Harrison & Saeed, pg. 259)

There was no correlation between men’s age and
the likeliness to seek a younger partner. (Harrison & Saeed, pg. 259)

People who identified as attractive were more likely
to seek an attractive partner. (Harrison & Saeed, pg. 262)

If a woman identified as attractive, there was a
positive correlation to her seeking a financially secure partner. (Harrison
& Saeed, pg. 262)

Requesting photographs was positively correlated
to women who identified as attractive. All individuals who looked for attractiveness
in a partner were more likely to demand photographs. (Harrison & Saeed, pg.


Younger men were more interested in matching attractiveness,
than were older men. (Harrison & Saeed, pg. 263)

Women who sought out marriage were more likely
to identify as attractive, and look for financial security in a partner. (Harrison
& Saeed, pg. 263)

 Men who
looked for financial security in a partner, tended to look for an older
partner. (Harrison & Saeed, pg. 263)




Study 2, 3, etc. rationale, method, and results:





Take-home point of
the article:


Both woman and men are concerned with matching their social
desirability, through a combination of characteristics that add up to their equivalent.

Some of these combinations could be equal attractiveness, and financial security
that adds up to their attractiveness, and many others.



**NOTE: If the article
is not an empirical research article (i.e., it doesn’t have a
hypothesis, method, and results section), then omit those sections on the Prep
Sheet and instead focus on the relevant research and theory (above) and the
critique and relation to class (below).



Strengths and weaknesses of the article (e.g., validity,
reliability, application to other contexts, conclusions supported by sufficient



Strengths: I think this article is very reliable and valid,
it is backed up by first hand and previous research on the subject and subjects
relating to it. It gives compelling results that could be further studied and
elaborated on, and is applicable to many mate selection situations. It offers a
look into the societal standards or expectations of individuals when selecting
a mate, and the evolutionary perspectives of choosing a mate, like
attractiveness of a mate the resources a potential mate can offer.


Weakness: This article was very confusing, like many
research articles it can be very difficult to comprehend by lay people. I
followed the article closely enough to understand the basics of it and the
results in yielded, however there were some parts in the methods and results
that became very confusing for myself.




Relation to class:

List one or more motivation theories or concepts illustrated
in or related to this reading:


The Self-determination theory of autonomy is the main
motivation I saw related in this reading. There is a voluntary choice when
choosing a mate, and that is shown in this article. Although there were
correlations between many categories that show a tendency to choose a
particular mate, there still is an aspect of having control to choose your mate
concurrent or different from these tendencies. (Brown Kramer, 2018)



Describe, in your own words, the motivation theory(ies) or
concept(s) you indicated above.  Your response should demonstrate that you
have read and clearly understood the relevant textbook content, as well as the
relevant lecture content.



Self-determination theory is the set of 3 core human needs:
autonomy, competence, and belonging or relatedness. Autonomy is about having a
sense of control in your life, making your own decisions, and generally feeling
like you are the main force in your life. Competence is describing feeling you
are seen as and feel accomplished at whatever you do, this could also be seen
as being successful in areas of your life you feel are important to you. Belonging
or relatedness is how close your feel to people and feeling that you have a
real connection to people around you. You feel that you are loved and supported
by many (or a few) important people in your life. (Brown Kramer, 2018)

Draw at least THREE clear connections between motivation
theory and the article.  In other words, now that you’ve listed and
described the relevant theory(ies), here’s where you apply them to the article
you read for the group assignment.  Be as
specific as possible.


People who identified as attractive have control
over how they view themselves, and how they present themselves online in the

There was a choice in the age people seek, and
the attractiveness they were seeking in correlation to how they identified themselves
and how they chose to present themselves.

There will always be a choice in a mate when
someone is seeking one. They have the choice in what characteristics to seek,
in the level the potential mate possesses of the characteristic, and if the
potential mate actually possesses these characteristics at the desired level.



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