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Greenhouse gas, the main
cause of global warming, is bringing about climate changes like ozone depletion
and rise of sea level. This gas is chiefly emitted from the course of
converting fossil fuels into electricity. It
is conspicuous that greenhouse gas is causing serious problems; nevertheless
curtailing the amount of gas is a large burden for a nation. This is because
while the world shares the damage from emission of greenhouse gas, economic
loss from not using efficient energy source such as fossil fuels only strains
countries that don’t use the source. Many countries are trying to increase the
rate of renewable energy as their main energy source. However, distribution of
renewable energy is not progressing favorably. People agree that environmental
problems are critical, but many interests are complexly connected especially
when making new policies or establishing organizations. To solve this problem,
cooperation and concern from the world is needed. Also fully aware of the magnitude
of the issue, UK believes it is vital to solve this agenda.


concerned about the issue, UK believes the agenda cannot be delayed anymore. UK
is one of the first countries in the world that introduced renewable energy. The government of UK has
been providing subsidy for production of renewable energy source especially in
the area of photovoltaic energy and wind energy. As a result, the amount of CO2
emission has decreased by 6% in 2016 and the rate of wind energy was 11.5%
while coal production accounted for 9.2% in total energy production in 2016. In
2017, renewables’ share in total electricity generation has set a record of
29.8%, increasing it by 4.4% compare to 2016. UK is currently implementing its
own policies reflecting the society. However, one country cannot solve global
problems by itself. To solve environmental problems, all nations must cooperate
and make changes for the earth. This delegate would like to propose two
international measures for the research and distribution of renewable energy.

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begin with, this delegate believes that policies
for renewable energy should reflect its country’s state. Applying same
system for countries that have different public finance can cause serious
problems. For example, countries with stable national finance can allocate
more money on renewable energy while developing countries can use the system
that can minimize the use of government budget. Also, other causes like
politics and national emotion can also affect the policy. Many countries in EU
are adopting the FiT(Feed-in Tariff) policy which is setting up a price of
electricity from renewable energy higher than the general price and government
paying the difference. This system uses government budget to stabilize the industry.
On the other hand, UK chose RO which is designed to encourage generation of
electricity from eligible renewable sources. It minimizes the use of
budget and treats the energy source as a product. Countries should adopt the
optimum system that can increase the proportion of renewable energy in the use
of energy source.


awareness of environmental problems and the importance of renewable energy
among people are crucial. In 1992, UK’s energy department dissolved and resultantly
DTI(Department of Trade and Industry) took charge of renewable energy. Since
the system was connected with many departments, ministry of finance opposed to
allocating too much money on distribution of renewable energy. However, in
2005, NGO named FoE(Friends of Earth) had a Big Ask campaign to let the people
know about climate changes which drew attention from the society. When politics
and citizens paid attention to environmental issues, government established
DECC(Department of Energy & Climate) that treated renewable energy. Environmental problems cannot be separated
from political issues. For the distribution of renewable energy, people should
realize the seriousness of environmental matters which will extend to the
attention from the government. Then, there should be an exclusive
organization for the use of renewable energy that can independently work for
the greener world. Since the problem cannot be solved by short-term
solution, the policy or the scheme for environmental issues should be implemented
continuously. With an organization that takes full charge of renewable energy,
countries would be easier to cooperate.

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