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Grameenphone has various departments for
different operations. Grameenphone follows a combination of centralized and
decentralized decision-making process where the top management takes all the
strategic decisions while the functional managers have resilience to take
decisions by themselves on a day-to-day basis.

§  Commercial

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§  Communication

§  Corporate
affairs Division

§  Finance

§  Managing
Director Division

§  People
and Organization Division

§  Technology

§  Customer
Experience and

§  Service
Transformation Division

Affairs department: Within the direction from the CEO of
Grameenphone, the Head of Corporate Affairs ensure that the Regulatory &
Corporate Affairs function within the company at all times is aligned with and
supports the business objectives. Corporate Affairs is responsible for ensuring
that Grameenphone is complying with the current legal obligations and requirements
set by BTRC and other government bodies. It develops, maintains and implements
company strategies, policies and procedures for its functional area. It
monitors and controls Regulatory and Corporate Affairs activities and provides
consultancy and support to other business functions to align with legal

department: The finance department monitors and controls
companywide finance and procurement activities. They prepare financial
statements while complying with requirements of International Financial
Reporting Standard, Bangladesh Accounting Standard and other related local
legislations. Business Review is conducted to analyze risk exposure and
financial review provides monthly results internally. They provide consultancy
and support to all other departments.

Commercial is one of the largest divisions in Grameenphone. It forms the bridge
between the company and the customers. The division includes the following

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