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Gorillas are very
interesting species.  A lot of people
think that gorillas are very simple and think of them as just another
animal.  Gorillas are actually very
strange animals for many different reasons. In this essay, the gorilla’s
appearance, behavior, and habitat will all be talked about.     

gorilla’s appearance make the gorilla a gorilla. Male gorillas are more than
5.5 feet tall while standing. When the gorilla walk on their knuckles it is
called knuckle walking and then they are 3 feet tall. The knuckles hold up 300
to 400 pounds on an adult male. The female gorilla only weighs up 150 to 200
pounds. Male gorillas are way larger than the female gorilla. They eat 40
pounds a day of grass. So their belly weighs the most on the gorilla. (Imbriaco

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gorilla’s foot is used for many different reasons including climbing a tree.
The gorilla’s foot has a thumb that resembles a human hand. They have this
thumb to climb trees and walk when they are climbing tress they really need
this thumb on their foot to hang on to the branches. If they didn’t have this
thumb they wouldn’t be as good at climbing trees. So gorillas really need this
thumb on their feet (Susman 276).   

legs in the gorilla are very important to a gorilla’s body. Gorillas need
really strong leg to hold up there massive body weight. They also need their
huge legs to walk all day there back legs are also very tall, measuring at 6
feet 7 inches. These back legs are called the Tower of Strength when they are standing.
When the gorilla stands he will scare off any predator. When the gorilla stands
to scare off a predator the gorilla will then beat his chest. If this doesn’t
work for the gorilla, the gorilla will charge at predator then scaring them
off. (Redmond 43)   

live in groups. Most of the gorillas groups have 1 or 2 adult males, and only a
few teenage males, also several females and there young. They live in these
groups for many different reasons. They have 1 or 2 adult males because they
keep the group safe. The females carry the young and feed the young. The teenage
males help the adult males, or learn after them. These groups are very important
to help the gorillas survive. Gorillas need this packs to survive because
the  female gorillas and the young need
help from the male gorilla for safety and protection. Gorillas are very kind
creatures they might look big and scary but they are very gentle.  (Virginia 96) Gorillas
stand up quite a bit they need to stand up for many reasons. The first reason
they stand up for is to look over the vegetation. Gorillas need to look over
vegetation because they live in areas with high vegetation. Their hind legs are
bigger than some humans. When gorillas stand on their hind legs they are called
the tower of strength.(Redmond 43)

have very strong jaws these are important to them for many reasons. They need
these strong jaws to eat they are herbivores they eat vines and leaves. These
strong jaws help the gorilla chew threw the stems and roots. They eat about 40
pounds of food each day. They also use their strong jaw to rip down vines so
they can eat them. The jaw not the only thing that helps it eat those 40 pounds
everyday they have broad incisor teeth that help grind the foods. The gorillas
use the strong jaw also just to eat the roots of some plants. If gorillas
didn’t have the strong jaws they wouldn’t be as big as they are the jaw is a
vital part of the gorillas. (Gorilla).  

gorillas live in multiple places spread out across the world. The gorillas live
in the western lowland. Gorillas living in the western lowland get many things
they need as they stay in the forest and marsh areas. When they’re staying in
the lowland they eat the long grass and plants. The gorillas also live in the
cross river. The cross river is a very moist place where the gorillas can get
water and plenty of plant down by the water long grass grows for them to eat.
They also live in the Eastern Mountains and the Eastern Lowlands which is the
same as the western. (Amazing).                  

are herbivores they eat leaves, stems, fruits, and some shoots. Gorillas don’t
eat meat they eat plants and fruits. That’s why the gorilla need the strong jaw
that it has. They wont kill a deer and eat them they only eat grass most people
think that gorillas would eat meat but there actually herbivores. They also
need those long legs to reach the top of the plants so they can get the fruit
at the top. (Basic).   

move a lot most people think they are lazy. Gorillas move 2 to 3 hours a day
walking without stopping. Then they rest for 2 hours then gets back up and goes
until the leader stops for the night at night he protects his family. They stop
so the mom and the baby can get some rest. They also need to rest for the next
day so they can get to their destination. (Redmond 45).  

As anybody can see, a gorilla is a lot more interesting than people actually
think!  There are also so many amazing,
weird, and interesting things about gorillas that many people do not even
realize until they learn more about them! 
No matter how simple people may think gorillas are, they are a lot more
complicated than anyone can see. 
Gorillas are more like humans than they are other animals.



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